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  1. I have a logitech g502 thats not working like it should. The scroolwheel "clicks" by it self or when im scrooling. Very fun when playing tarkov and you turn your head at random.. Also the browser acts up because of this... I have no idea why, hoping i can fix it since the mouse isnt that old. I opened it up last night to check if i could see what caused it, but everything looks fine. Still, i can feel that something is wrong. Both springs looked fine, etc. Closed it up after removing some dust.. Im hoping im able to fix it since im happy with the mouse, and its not old.. Im thinking about stretching the springs so they push the wheel more. But tough maybe someone here can help. Is this a known issue? Is there any way to fix or improve the wheel? Thanks for any help.
  2. PC upgrade to maximize performance

    Some settings in the game kills performance, and really dont ad that much compared to what it costs. For example, turn off ssao's, put af on per texture, turn of supersampling. Maybe this can improve your fps and you can turn up some other settings. Not sure if you have these settings on low, or off.
  3. (PC Hardware) How to improve my EFT experience

    i5 6600k oc, gtx 1080 oc, 16gb DDR4 ram 3000mhz, ssd m2. I still think the performance in 4k is poo. Game looks good, and it runs ALLOT better than before unity upgrade. But some issues are still present. Lowering settings like shadow from high to low does not help that much, huge difference visually tho. Same goes to most settings. Unity is a weird engine.
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    Does the flashdrive still spawn in woods? Can i find it in other areas? I cant for the love of god find it. It never spawns... Hate this task..
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    Can anyone repeat where skiers valuable cargo is? Looked in 6 pages now, but cant find the info. This is the quest im doing at the moment.. Tnx for the help.
  6. Killing teammates in groups?

    To many paranoid people play this game. Made me laugh a few times, for example 2 hatchlings. One chasing the other in factory, run all around the map, both get killed by scavs.
  7. Prapor calling me "sugar" via insurance claim?

    Maybe he is gay.
  8. ETA regarding improving soundsystem?

    Agree, graphics are fine overall. Not a huge fan of the way grass renders at larger distances tho. So hoping there is solutions to improve this because its so easy to spot player for example over the river in customs. Even in the middle there isnt grass to cover you. And some textures are bad, like foliage has low resolution.. I will not complain if graphics gets better overall and textures gets better.. Guns look great tho, can even see scratches and fingerprints on some of them, so im very impressed with the guns overall. Also, people have different tasks, i dont think the people that works with graphics are experts on sound. But soundsystem is much more important at the moment, and i cant say i hear any improvements at all since i got the game. Seems to be stagnant compared to how the rest of the game has evolved since i got it. I cant understand why, and why nobody inside can give us a little input why this is.. Played for a couple of hours this morning, 3 times iv been killed be silent hatchlings and i think somebody is coming from the wrong place. You cant even hear if somebody is coming at you from behind or front, there isnt depth or 3d feel to it at all. So, what are you thats working with sound working on???
  9. Unity

    They just update the enige, so i dont think so.
  10. Countercheating measures

    Can we be 99.9% sure of that there will not be false positives? If i get banned, and i dont cheat or even abuse glitches\bugs im pretty much screwed. I know i havent used hacks etc, but there is no way i can prove it if that happened. Im gonna get the f*ck off, case closed..
  11. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Well, think i got my first encounter with a cheater in factory after ban. First nade, he didnt die. Shot him couple of times with my shotgun, he run. Nothing special, but... I manage to flank him and come from behind. 3 shots, he moves and lay down. I shot him 2 more times while he is lying down, he just turns and shoot me. Shot him in the legs the last times. Got his nick, but since we cant report thats not gonna help.. In total, he survived 1 shot, then nade, then 3 shots in the back and 2 shots in the legs lying down. He didnt have helmet or fort armor. Dont belive this was desync, he reacted to my action as you would expect, just didnt die...
  12. ETA regarding improving soundsystem?

    Well, not so sure a person that knows photoshop etc can improve this much.
  13. Current ingame soundsystem isnt great at all, position and depth or what you wanna call it is terrible, sound from other players bleeding into the noise\sounds i make. For example. If a player is above me i will automatically make more noise, if player near or above me is running my character also make weird sounds like im sprinting even tho i move slow. If someone is after me, most of the time i have to guess where he will make contact, often i die because i think he is coming from the opposite direction. Impossible to locate him by sound if he dont step on something you know where is if you know the map well enough. Players can walk up stairs right beside you, sounds like they is far away. Just to shot you in the back because you trusted the sound. Some players can sprint and not make sound at all. Is it related to desync or is it a bug in the game it self? Walking on some surfaces make so much noise, walk on wooden floor above minimal speed sounds like you are running + stomping. IS it only me that think its freakishly loud compared to metal etc? Like in factory 3 floor, if you dont wanna announce you are there you have to walk as slow as possible. 1 notch above = allot of noise. Any news regarding 5.1 sound? I have tried to get info regarding this for maybe 8 month, others have also asked about this. But never get a reply, not that iv seen anyways. Why cant you share some information on how its going? Are there issues you struggle to fix, it was implemented for a short time. But was little bugged like much of the sound i made came from rear speakers. Other than that, it was a huge improvement compared to what we got to day. I learned factory when it was enabled, when i got used to hearing my self in the rear it was like day and night regarding hearing where other player where. So was a bit disepointed when i read it was fixed, just to realize you just went back to the good old stereo thats been used since i got the game.
  14. The Future of Raids

    Ok. Yea, the small expansion in customs was very nice. Removed the bottleneck before bridge. Still, i feel the map could be more open. I think it's a great map, but it maybe has potensial to be better if it becomes a bit more open or larger in the first half of the map. Just feel the map has unused potensial for some reason.
  15. The Future of Raids

    Will maps like customs undergo changes in the future, like get new areas or be more open? Or are these maps designs considered finished.