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  1. Omg i would die to stream EFT but my Monitor broke Feels bad man... Interrested to see what people will make of it!
  2. Lets See Your Guns!

    I am soooo jealous!!! In Germany myself and they take Guns so serious... No joke but even an Softair Rifle counts as actual firearm. I have to keep it in a locked case not allowed to wear it public bla bla bla... Its redicioules. And sadly i love Guns. So softair is as good as i can do as its also impossible to get a liscence here... Owning Scar L,UMP,Glock 17,CZ 75D,ICS PAR MK3 (M4 reamagining) Feeling like the little boy whit my toys between all those real guns. Merica ill soon come