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  1. LOL. I wish. Unfortunately I am at work and unable to play. =P
  2. I look forward to getting shot in the face by you out in the battle field.
  3. Shadow play for me as well. My 1080 loves it. =P
  4. If I told a cop here in Cheyenne I had a gun in my car, We would likely end up talking for 30 min on why we chose what we did and the pro's and con's of said weapons. LOL
  5. People here in the states do lose their civil liberty of being allowed to have a weapon if they are convicted of a felony. So we already have some things in place. =P I do agree on the classes though. Proper handling of a weapon should be mandatory.
  6. In my countries defense, That does not happen that often. Most of us are responsible with out weapons.
  7. So inaccurate. We shoot first. THEN ask questions. =P
  8. Since you have an intel chip set, logic would dictate you get an NVIDIA card as they tend to play a little better together. If you have the cash, get a 1080. I have one and play anything in 4k. Even if you don't play in 4k you will have a decently future proof GPU for at least a few years.
  9. I will never admit exactly how many times I've done that, but do know i have done it a lot... A hatchling by accident i suppose. lol