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  1. Turning off shadows and other graphics

    Probably not, because I think the devs want to make sure it isn't exploited. There isn't even a gamma/brightness setting in the game.
  2. Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Very nice. Thanks BSG.
  3. EFT vs PUBG

    EFT all the way. PUBG is more simple and casual. If you like that sort of shooter, then yeah get PUBG.. It's the best battle royale shooter right now I'd say.
  4. The Oceania server started!

    Keep in mind people, there was news saying that undersea cables around SEA have been damaged by typhoons. It is the reason why everybody connecting from SEA right now are having terrible connections.
  5. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    I dunno. I just jumped in the game just to see and it was night and day difference. It was just Factory though, didn't try the other maps.
  6. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    Thank you very much! Finally! I just tried a game in Factory. No desync and lag, everything was superb.
  7. Why are there no women in Tarkov?

    Too much unnecessary effort to make women in the game. They would have to make separate models for all the gear just for female models, and that would just take more time. Time, which can be used to model even more weapons and gear.
  8. Australian (Oceania) Servers?

    I can't play the game anymore. Every game I join, it's just a desyncing mess. I am getting shot at places where I was 10 seconds ago. Going through inventory takes a long time. Shooting somebody doesn't matter because nothing ever registers. I am seriously hoping they have Oceanic servers when beta hits. It's real frustrating that they're not keeping us up to date with this issue.
  9. are we going to have servers in Asia?

    Experience in EFT for anyone outside EU/RUS/US is just terrible. They mentioned they were going to have Oceanic/Asia servers but they did not say when. We're still left in the dark about it and it's getting frustrating. I'm seriously hoping it comes during beta. God forbid, they decide not to put servers up in Oceania/Asia because of some stupid reason like playerbase is too small. I don't understand why it takes them so long to do this.
  10. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    Will the servers be active when Closed Beta releases?
  11. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Is there going to be Asian/Oceanic servers when Close Beta releases?
  12. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Getting excited for those quests/mission tasks.
  13. How did you come across EFT?

    A friend of mine that I played Arma with just linked me a youtube video one day out of the blue. It was the first EFT Alpha gameplay trailer. I was stalking the game ever since.
  14. Australian (Oceania) Servers?

    I sure hope they add Australian/Oceanic servers. So much disadvantage playing with high ping. I'm getting tired of dying right after putting multiple shots into a Scav/Player. Moving loot around in your inventory during a raid takes ages and could get you killed. There's also the problem of people coming around the corner and shooting you, but on your screen you haven't even seen him yet. By the time you do see him, they've already gunned you down in an instant. I seriously love the game, but the lag is just ruining it everytime.
  15. Question about Purchase Region Lock

    Crap. Oh well.. Guess I'll just keep reminding myself of all of the other goodies I get from the EOD edition.