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  1. I love how the other guy was almost pushing him out of the way, like ..move you giant Vulva.
  2. So.. no letter opening?!?! Damn it! Oh.. This actually makes me sad that we could lose it. Bummer. You know I spend an hour trying to use one. Never got it right.
  3. A 5' speargun. Alpha as duck:)
  4. Hello James. I'm Landon and I'm a nurse. I really just hate stupid people, but this week I may be upgrading to everyone:) Hey Ramzan, cool name. I'm feeling a Weezer song come on with all this loser talk:)
  5. Any chance I could be considered for an Emissary for the US?

    1. baggio


      I don't know! Maybe you can ask to @Natalino

    2. unluck1e
  6. wonder how much fits in the secured container
  7. learn how to lie down
  8. I bought it. The vendor rep alone is worth it. Being about to knock down doors with the tamahawk is worth it. Increased storage and a backpack.. OMG soo ducking worth not having to grind out every new spawn.
  9. My 50" TV screen.
  10. Lol.. I grew into an old man waiting for DayZ to get out of alpha/beta. This I can handle:)
  11. Anyone else from the US? Kentucky here.
  12. I hope that it is a perma ban