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  1. why you took time to write that, i would never understand. did you read what you quoted? what?
  2. I don't think they need to communicate more often, but there are certain things they never talk about. For example, new server locations. There are lots and lots of people playing with very high ping and this makes the gameplay suffer for everyone. I've never seen a statement about plans to bring new servers on other locations than Russia, US and Europe.
  3. nice! can you comment on whether new server locations are planned for when beta arrives? south america, australia, asia?
  4. Really??? I thought it would be a game where you try to escape from tarkov, moving from location to location.
  5. Nice, can't wait for single player story mode.
  6. good news!!
  7. how do they get access to these documents???
  8. hi, i'm from Brazil and it looks like i connect to servers in Russia. is there a way around this? USA would be the better choice for me. are there any plans to make this better in the future? thanks in advance!
  9. qual o teu ping? aqui é 250 pra cima. geralmente em torno de 400.
  10. ping pra brasileiro é horrível. dsync é horrível. não sou um jogador ruim em fps e só consigo matar nego muito, muito ruim... ou com muita sorte de pegar o cara despreparado e conseguir descarregar um pente inteiro na cabeça dele. talvez melhore, mas o problema principal é a engine que eles usam (unity).
  11. yeah, i'm still too much into factory to play customs at all. but nice to see the developers giving another way to cross the river. that was needed. keep up the great work!
  12. Agora está ok.
  13. looks like the servers are great, at least that was my experience a few hours ago. i could enter every game and matching was a matter of seconds. in game, though, there was still some lag, mostly that which happens when an opponent gets closer to your area. but 500% better, overall! a huge thank you to the devs!