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  1. Sorry for writing in Eng but I have a question. I've used ReShade for Tarkov since January but I've only used AdaptiveSharpen, Clarity and HDR. Will it be better if I use the ones posted above?
  2. Great news! Hopefully the weather will suck in July so I can play some :-d
  3. HyperX Cloud 2. It's cheap but it's pretty good.
  4. If Payday was a direct competitor I might agree, but that's like comparing Battlefield and Far Cry.
  6. Great game, hope you that wanted it got it. Rising Storm 2 released in three days(Vietnam, baby!).
  7. Steam code: 9HVTH-9RT3G-R5A0Y
  8. As far as I know the games that pop up in GeForce Experience has nothing to do with if Shadowplay works or not. Those are just the ones you can automatically optimize.
  9. That sucks. What if you turn on desktop recording, will it still record the game in fullscreen?
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Ended up switching it out for a K70 Lux. Need my palmrest and multimedia buttons :-d Daniel
  11. So after years of using my broken G19 I decided(impulse buy though) to get a new keyboard. I picked up the Blackwidow Chroma yesterday and that's that. I found out that I miss the armrest thingy and that's what's making me consider switching to the K70 Lux instead. So for those of you that are using one of the other, which one is best? I honestly don't really care too much about the RGB stuff, I just want a keyboard that'll last me a few years.
  12. Do you have the game running in Fullscreen mode? I have and it works fine here.
  13. You can buy the game here for $1, limited stock. Here's two Steam codes if anyone wants them. Don't be a pr|ck and activate them just because you can, do it because you either want the game or to give it it to someone else. M6VX0-BG6EZ-9DC3T GXATD-35RJA-DMBGL
  14. If someone buys the game today, do they have a chance to get in or does it only apply to those who bought the game before today?
  15. Sweet!