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  1. When you get a chance can you help me out with Discord. I was playing the fishy game with MuffinBomber and I got banned from the EFT Discord for spamming I guess.

  2. Can one of the Mods help me out. I was playing the fish game with MuffinBomber and #botconsole banned me from Discord.
  3. Nice work!
  4. I doesn't bother me. I just think it would be cool to see everyone's characters all geared up and what kind of weapons your team is running with. Plus it gives a little bit of a tactical edge if your team is coordinated and ready to raid before the raid starts.
  5. I was playing with a couple of friends and we always start the match out asking what each other looks like and what guns we are using to help us identify friendlies. I had an for idea for the lobby screen when players group up. It would be cool if when you're in the lobby, as you group up, group members characters show on the screen to the left of your character. So if you max your group out at 5, you'll see all 5 characters on the screen before the game is started by the Leader. That way the group members can see what the others look like.
  6. The devs added a Game Profile Reset option in your account profile. It will give you all of your gear back that came with your package you bought. You can only reset your game profile once every two weeks (14 days).
  7. Tarkov is a cruel mistress. She giveth and she taketh.
  8. It was very welcomed making a battle buddy because for about an hour before that happen, I feel like 9 out of 10 raids I played I was being killed by an exit door camper.
  9. I love that during some raids I'll come across players and as soon as one does the wiggle, or happy dance, the other does it. Instantly a bond is formed. Either you part ways or you do what just happened to me the last raid I played on Factory. I went in with just a knife because of the random fading to main menu issue that's being looked at but I digress. I get into the game and headed straight for the locker room. As soon as I get there, there's a player in there already. He tried to knife me and I ran. He gave chase as I ran down the stairs to the small room across the tracks. I ran around the wall and the player thought I ran straight through that room. As I came out from my hiding spot, there he was, knife in hand. This time it went a different route. He did the happy dance and I followed suit. From that moment on, we had become battle buddies. We worked out way up the stairs into the locker room. As we got to the other side, we heard AI walking up the stairs. My new battle buddy rushes the AI stabbing both to death. Now we gear up off of his quick decision. More AI is coming so I take up aim and wait. I shoot two times with the 12 gauge, dropped one AI not knowing there was a second in tow. I take a shot from the second AI and hustle back into the office. My buddy rushes out to protect me from the AI and kills that one. As we're making our ways down the hallway AI is crossing the 3rd Floor Bridge. Both of us shoot and the AI falls down. Then the player turns, nods to me and unlocks the 3rd Floor Office. We head in and sit still to listen for any more movement. We hear AI slowly coming. Battle buddy grows tired of waiting and opens the door. The AI is stuck on the file cabinet down the hallway so he leans to the left, bam bam. AI is no more. After that we work our way down the stairs to one of the crates. Right when we get to it, one last AI shows up and tries it's best to end our run but couldn't. Then my new buddy loots the crate and the two above it. When they we finished, they turned and nodded at me to signal they were good to go. We go around the and they let me loot the next two crates. After that we made our way to the Exit. As the timer was counting down, both of us were doing the happy dance and nodding at one another. To my random new battle buddy, thank you for the help. You're definitely Sherpa material! You should apply when it opens, if it hasn't already.