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  1. Compressed and bound paper versus bullets ? Will work , just calculate bullet´s kinetic energy, then subtract the needed-penetration energy from bullet´s for each and every page the book has . Bullet should run out of energy somewhere in the 300 page "depth" (note: I´m guesstimating all this from out of my experience as a machine tooling engineer, not as a personal security consultant^^ ) . I´d estimate at about 400 pages and upwards you could use them as "hobo body armour" and feel "safe". Yes, it surely would look hellish clunky and would be quite amazingly heavy, but hey ... beggars can´t be choosers, can they ^^
  2. Dun worry, lad´s n lassies . Therr´s a few "friendly dancers" roamin around, one just gots tae be lucky enough to run into those . Naught erryone ´ut tharr is a KoS playerr . Stay safe, sneak wiel .
  3. Thank you doubly PO1NT_MAN ! First : for YOUR service (and that of your brothers and sisters in arms) Second: for this PP presentation, I dig that structured and in-detail approach from somebody that knows his stuff . Stay safe, sneak well .
  4. -The giant barrel things ? You mean the silos ? Storage for gas/liquid/grain -That corrugated sheet metal shack ? Sounds like temporary storage of maybe spareparts for the cranes or some such heavy stuff -Walkway onto the rafters : Crane/window/roof maintenance -Locker room : Typical for shift working, tons of lockers, one or two peepots -Building on the first floor : IT WAS ZE SCAVS ! Honestly dunno -Extensive underground system : Heating, compressed air generators, electricity and other infrastructure Dats my 2€cent of guesswork, you guys´ turn ! Stay safe, sneak well
  5. Isch blut´ für mich . Das reicht schon ... Organisationen aller Art kann ich ned ab
  6. Now don´t tell me will get directable antipersonal mines as well ? *drools slightly* I DO know the one or the other method of using those ...
  7. Chris† is my name, dyin´for y´all is ma´ game ...