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  1. katana is a bit long for lets say factory ,how about wakizashi( lowest one ) , or something a bit more gentelmen like - brass Knuckles .
  2. And you call youreself men , in russia we use furniture for cqc . First you bash hes skull in , then you peel potatoes
  3. no no first we remove western spy vadim and then we chiriki briki i v damke
  4. if they add this , they might as well add shashlik and campfire jokes . truly gopnik way of life
  5. nice video . but mic could be improved keep up the good work
  6. Idea works well but dont forget people like psysindicate . we would need people with high morals and strong personality.and as you mentioned thoes 2 trained people could teach 2 more and so and so . if you choose right people idea might be golden. Maybe they should invest in small channels by lifting nda and giving them a chance to make guides and tutorials as sherpas
  7. before adding anything i only ask that Blackb1rd talks over with all the devs on how could this be abused . ideas posted sound awsome but many poeple forgot anything that we tuch we corrupt and twist . things need to be made having that thought in mind. clans , streamers and youtubers can abuse many of the features . so think over you're decisions a few times and from few perspectives
  8. best way i understand sherpa is a combatant with a lot of experience ( maybe ex pmc) , who helps newer people on the field- giving tips like stay silent , dont spray and pray ect ,( like the old hunters in moveis ) and at the same time is a feared and respected by scavs and pmcs alike
  9. it could also include trap setting skills ( i.e.d's where mentioned ),healing others and self ( self healing would not improve as fast )
  10. any way of telling how many people someone killed is a bad idea in a game like this , kdr is stupid ( its a simple way of braging , survival is not only about killing someone ) and now making a faction wont work , dayz is a simple good example ; people would either become bandits or die as survivors , heros where very rare . there is no need to fuel our bloodthirsty nature in a lawless environment . just think about it a bit
  11. unloottable weapons are not logical ( you nailed him , you loot him - god wont prevent you from looting him XD) .special weapons would make sherpa H.V.T and that would result in K.O.S ( thought based on dayz experiences with people ) . skins can be smth not flashy like wrap on the stock with a few bullets , maybe kill count scratches , black wood with ak . maybe a difrent knife with special animation ( hes a profesional so he knows spots where to attack) maybe even adding fists as a knock out option ( bash on the head with the stock , take what you need and leave )
  12. edga48 . semi-competitive person , milsim airsofter and hard core shooter fan .My life changed mostly after one airsoft game .I was taken under the wing of old combatant you know the type - bearded , sirius look and always ready to kick ass who in hes youth in the milatery used to sand paper tracer rounds for fun . I still remember our first game . We where ambushing a squad of 7 guys who where trying to cross a narow river . All he sayed was relax you're breathing and take good aim , and then '' -1 " first one fell , then the second and so on .He didnt even flinch . I would proudly call that man a sherpa and we need people like him to teach rookeis in game
  13. idea isn't all bad , chance for a veteran to train rookeis would be good . Best way would be extra exp for the rookeis till level 3-5 And by adding voice chat sherpa could teach never players , since only through combat and hard work one can become an excelent combatant , having skilled, cold blooded instructor would be awsome
  14. Maybe ability to craft a bow or a crosbow ? its wouldnt be op and loosing it wouldn't be to painfull . This weapon would be stealthy and cheap but it would take some time to get used to
  15. How about adding skined versions of items like( specnaz suit tailored with lether , ak with dark wood furnishing or litle croses for kills , hand crafted knife with a wolfs bone grip or sheet ). adding weapons would be maybe to much ,i think only good solution is a bolt-action rifle or a pistol tailored for the user ( tritium sights , or a special gear )