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  1. i dont think so. 100% agree This game is a death match with no aim at the moment. We will even get the arena but why if we have Factory? Not to mention this game has no end game gameplay(i know its only alpha). It will always be repetitive unless they work on it. I hope we wont have to do the same thing over and over again. I want missions which will come soon. RPG elements would do good in my opinion. I fear for the game but we are forced to wait for the outcome.
  2. No. This problem has been worked on and was fixed for majority of players. I dont get stuck there any more. If you still get it often then i suggest you make a post about it in English to spread awareness. And no. you cant fix losing items. Sorry buddy
  3. Well, ok then. Sad but understandable
  4. Hello As I am aware there wasn't any 1, 3 or 7 day trials for the game due to NDA. Now that NDA is gone and the game can breath is fresh players, I am sure there is many who are not sure if they will like the game. I am asking you DEVS Could you give us 1 code each so we can share with friends, before open beta? They could have fun with us for a limited time? Just sleep on this idea for a while.
  5. Hello everyone. Love the game so far, however, i have one concern. Please make a setting to toggle leaning Q and E. I know you can "ALT it" to keep it in place bo then you have to "ALT it" straight. I think it would be really nice to make it "toggable" just like you can toggle aiming so you dont have to hold it. Thank you for your time.