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  1. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    This might have been me?
  2. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you didn't expect game breaking issues, bugs, glitches, exploits and the rest of the things that come with unfinished games, that's your fault. You choose to buy in to the Alpha/Beta. That's on you
  3. There's going to be a hot-fix in a few minutes . FINGERS CROSSED AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL <3
  4. As much as I love the Voice Commands and Hand gestures, the way of using them is way too slow to utilize during a raid. If I need to quickly tell someone to get back, I need to go through 2 menus where I have to click each time, and I cannot move while doing it, and I have reduced visibility, not entirely sure why the screen surrounding the menu get's blurry. When I'm talking in reality I don't suddenly get blurred vision. Sure, it takes a little over a second but when in a firefight a second is a long time to be standing still with extremely reduced visibility and that's just for one section of the menu. A few ideas that could work to make the process somewhat more effective and comfortable. Functionality: Being able to choose phrases that can be hot keyed could be one way of dealing with it. For example: Alt + 1 = Follow me!, Alt + 2 = Get back!. Making the options not need to be clicked could speed up the process, highlighting and releasing the button should be enough. (Overwatch for example). Player Comfort: Remove the blur around the menu. Enable movement when using the menu. Make the Black Hexagons slightly transparent, to allow for slightly more visibility when in the menu. I don't know if I'm the only person who currently feels this way, it's possible I am in the minority. Sadly I'm currently unable to actually play EFT because of the known performance issues, so I didn't really get much time to get used to it before the game became unplayable. Love the work you guys do. - Sev
  5. They have acknowledged that it is an issue on twitter, They have said its the primary priority
  6. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    If my bluntness comes across as snark, I apologize. However I don't see how I've been remotely sensitive lol. You appear to be the one who's taking some offence/hostility to the way I type. I don't think I'm the one being oversensitive, but each to their own.
  7. Update from EFT Alpha to EFT Beta

    Just rebind then. It'll be quicker
  8. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    Nope, just people in general. Nothing about you specifically, though you are gloating, if you think you are or not. Trust me, your single comment isn't remotely important enough for me to single you out, didn't even read your comment when I posted mine. Though your comment was just weird. Don't know why you felt the need to bring up the fact you weren't using an aim bot.
  9. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    It's really a shame this thread, turned in to mostly salty people, or people talking poo about others, or gloating about killing people. Predictable but still sad. Thumbs up to the people who actually post good interesting posts about friendly situations.
  10. Hideout Feature Questions and Developer Answers

    I don't quite understand the point of upgrading the hideout door and getting CCTV if it won't get attacked. Whats the point of those upgrades
  11. Alpha admission wave starts!

    No, It must have been already purchased from before the announcement. From my understanding. Not that standard edition should have a chance at all *mumbles under breath*
  12. Alpha admission wave starts!

    Have fun buddy.
  13. Alpha admission wave starts!

    No there is plenty of reason to get salty. People who bought the game with zero chance of getting Alpha access, get access before people who bought the more expensive versions specifically to get alpha access. Like I said, I am not salty that I didn't get access. I am salty because people who have ZERO chance of getting in, are getting in.
  14. Alpha admission wave starts!

    It's kind of disgusting that people who paid to have a chance of getting in, are left with nothing. Yet people who got the cheapest edition get in before people who are GUARANTEED access. I had a 50% chance and didn't get in. I've not got in after two different waves of alpha access I'm still waiting. I really don't mind not getting access to the alpha, but the fact people who didn't even pay to get access now have it, that's what seriously pisses me off and makes me question the customer service. Good stuff, enjoy the game man.
  15. Alpha admission wave starts!

    Go to your profile, you should have more information there and more links I believe.