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  1. yes you will be able to play all Betas
  2. So are our clients. I dont know what you are talking about. I dont think you understand the problem at all...
  3. Well fix the live servers as currently its not possible to play without 100% desync in every match. Then I might get hyped instead of frustraded....
  4. Q: Will the hideout get attacked by SCAVs or other players? A: The Hideouts will be located in a secure zone within Tarkov, and will not be at risk of assault by Scavs or other players. Q: You mentioned upgrade security, what does that improve on? A: You will be able to reinforce the hide out’s entry door and install security cameras. This makes no sense! Why should I increase security if it cant be attacked...???
  5. Hey Natalino, you write "You will have three characters." Just for clarafication. Its 3 PMCs right? I can have 3 USECS or 2 USECS and 1 BEAR right? Can I exchange stash items between them? Will I have to level all 3 of them seperately? Thx!
  6. I dont get it completely Is this a 3d level where we can move around? Will the current stash system be replaced with this level? Can I lay 100 fort armors on the floor then? Can my mates visit my hideout? Do I equip myself by going to the shelves and take whatever I need? No more menu equipping? Can my hideout be attacked by players / scavs?
  7. Really? LOL 200 overall. And because you cant tell who is on the server do you really think they cant? The have logs, logs you dont have access too.
  8. Nice
  9. Count me in. Prefered as a escort player. I will bring the best from the best (Full kitted M4 Silenced etc etc) to ensure the safety of the devs! DaWu#0268
  10. that aim.....how about hitting the enemy first before complainings
  11. Holy poo!!! Cant wait! Looks great
  12. Thank you for the event. I have to thing I did not like 1. Nighttime. Going in in pitch black without NVG and only Makarov against NVGs with M4s is pointless. Thats no fun 2. Voice Chaos. Having 16 Players in one voice channel is chaos. You should have created subchannels. Wave 1 - A Wave 1- B etc..
  13. One of my mates has time and I would love to go in with him as a group. his id and nick are: Leader: DaWu#0268 Team Member 1: italianmarine#1373
  14. Run away? Sorry could not resist
  15. Well the devs should not survive so you need a pro. I dont need your loot! I am already maxed but I am a specialist in killing! I will make sure no one will survive. I will be going solo or in a group. Cant tell yet so I sign up first as a solo guy. DaWu#0268