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  1. Concept art of the Therapist merchant

    Good good
  2. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    poor guys. AI Bots, Desync. They wont last long.....From the 7 months I am playing this game this is the most absurd time to let them in
  3. Looking good! Wished all maps would be that big
  4. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Ok then we are alpha testing the beta release with the upcoming patch. makes sense. But I am a little underwhelmed with the amount of content. I thought BETA would bring in more. Only one new gun (MP5) with Beta....
  5. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Wait is the announced patch canceled and postponed to July with a new name "Beta"?
  6. Closed Beta will start in July!

    I dont understand this. Except of the New Map Shoreline this is exactly the same that was announced for the incoming alpha patch. So CBT has only a new map and thats it? No new wpns, not Streets of Tarkov, no mission system???
  7. CBT Hype Thread

    yes you will be able to play all Betas
  8. CBT Hype Thread

    So are our clients. I dont know what you are talking about. I dont think you understand the problem at all...
  9. CBT Hype Thread

    Well fix the live servers as currently its not possible to play without 100% desync in every match. Then I might get hyped instead of frustraded....
  10. Hideout Feature Questions and Developer Answers

    Q: Will the hideout get attacked by SCAVs or other players? A: The Hideouts will be located in a secure zone within Tarkov, and will not be at risk of assault by Scavs or other players. Q: You mentioned upgrade security, what does that improve on? A: You will be able to reinforce the hide out’s entry door and install security cameras. This makes no sense! Why should I increase security if it cant be attacked...???
  11. The Hideout announcement

    Hey Natalino, you write "You will have three characters." Just for clarafication. Its 3 PMCs right? I can have 3 USECS or 2 USECS and 1 BEAR right? Can I exchange stash items between them? Will I have to level all 3 of them seperately? Thx!
  12. The Hideout announcement

    I dont get it completely Is this a 3d level where we can move around? Will the current stash system be replaced with this level? Can I lay 100 fort armors on the floor then? Can my mates visit my hideout? Do I equip myself by going to the shelves and take whatever I need? No more menu equipping? Can my hideout be attacked by players / scavs?
  13. Bans for cheating

    Really? LOL 200 overall. And because you cant tell who is on the server do you really think they cant? The have logs, logs you dont have access too.
  14. Bans for cheating

  15. Count me in. Prefered as a escort player. I will bring the best from the best (Full kitted M4 Silenced etc etc) to ensure the safety of the devs! DaWu#0268