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  1. that aim.....how about hitting the enemy first before complainings
  2. Holy poo!!! Cant wait! Looks great
  3. Thank you for the event. I have to thing I did not like 1. Nighttime. Going in in pitch black without NVG and only Makarov against NVGs with M4s is pointless. Thats no fun 2. Voice Chaos. Having 16 Players in one voice channel is chaos. You should have created subchannels. Wave 1 - A Wave 1- B etc..
  4. One of my mates has time and I would love to go in with him as a group. his id and nick are: Leader: DaWu#0268 Team Member 1: italianmarine#1373
  5. Run away? Sorry could not resist
  6. Well the devs should not survive so you need a pro. I dont need your loot! I am already maxed but I am a specialist in killing! I will make sure no one will survive. I will be going solo or in a group. Cant tell yet so I sign up first as a solo guy. DaWu#0268
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/st-petersburg-metro-explosion-russia-bomb-attack-casualties-blue-line-a7664251.html Damn. duck Terror! I hope devs and their families & friends are allright.
  8. wtf. why does adblock not stop this?
  9. I dont care for the NDA but the watermark is annoying and I am glad it will be gone soon
  10. Here a first screenshot of the new gang scavs
  11. Give now!!!! Great stuff cant wait. Keep it up. EFT is AWESEOME
  12. Very Good. Bye bye cheater scum.
  13. My wishlist - Glock17 - Beretta - Scar-H - ACR - M16 - MP5k - Famas - Steyr Aug - Colt M1911A1 - FN Five-seveN - FN FAL - G36