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  1. The Hideout announcement

    Looks and sounds awesome.
  2. The Shoreline Location

    looks awsome and for sure snipers gonna love it. Nice places to set ambushes
  3. [Feedback] European Developer Hunt In-Game Event

    Hey Natalino. It was fun but hard, since as a Scav spawning with a makarov and without nightvisions or flashlights there is not much of a chance. (Night match) A bit chaotic when 16 scavs try to talk in discord too. :-)
  4. The Scavs: Grizzle armed group

    ok. So here we have the first bounty. :-)
  5. Your suggestions

    it`s ok. Everybody can have a bad day and be aggressive including me.
  6. Tarkov isn't shaping up the way I thought it would

    Of course you are entitled to give thoughts but the risk is high to get killed virtually here as it seems. :-) There always whiteknights. Since I am used to this since I backed Star Citizen in 2013 I don `t have a problem with it. I point out though that this alpha is awesome compared to other games. Of course it can be boring doing the same but honestly every raid can be different. (apart of the desync which I have once every 10 matches)
  7. can`t wait for it. Hopefully they`ll accept the second slot.
  8. giusto Giovedi` alle 19.00.
  9. un compagno del clan ha ricevuto l`invito e mi invitato ad assisterlo. Domani alle 19.00 si inizia. Non vedo l`ora.
  10. Your suggestions

    For Scav Faction yes why not. They might have something at home but then it needs to be implemented correctly in the game. Maybe 5-10 % spawnrate with that kind of weapon. If everybody runs around with a KAR 98 or moisin nagant it would break the lore.
  11. Your suggestions

    I know buddy, I sound aggressive but the truth is I am a real sarcastic person! Of course when someone sits behind a monitor you can`t see the expression and you can get upset. That`s unfortunately communication nowadays.
  12. Your suggestions

    don`t waste your time with this person. Should I laugh? That`s me in 2004. If you wan`t I can add the full pictures and give you a hint. That was on the beach of Termoli Italy. Now google this ret...
  13. Your suggestions

    frankly speaking. the storyline/lore is in close future!! As a USEC PMC I want to see more modern stuff. Why focusing on the old weapons when we don`t even have M16, M40, M21, M60, M240. SCAR. PK/PKM etc. I shot personally with th Kar 98. You know how much it weights? I know its a good weapon. I had some missions in Kosovo and Nothern Africa and haven`t seen enemies using WW2 weapons. I know sarcasm and irony isn`t everbodies thing cause you need smartness to understand it. They can also use the old Nazi helmets here, cause you know, there are still plenty around. It is the lore I care about!!
  14. Your suggestions

    no I have only the edge of darkness version. Sigh..... The one geeting a complaint will be you since I have the right to write and was not offensive. Furthermore nobody tells me to shut up. COPY?
  15. Axe & Knife Running

    kann man vom Fenster aus nicht reinschiessen?