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  1. it never does
  2. I just met another BEAR at Factory.when we first met i saw you at the doorway from default spawn leading into the exit.i started shooting and he got scared but i had to shoot because there was a USEC wih a gun behind him.after getting pistoles we killed 2 Scavs and looted them after that he got killed by another scav just here to say that i "made those Scavs pay for what they did" thanks for the awsome raid stranger
  3. thats okay i have the same but i was wondering how you could have a fully geared m4 and a big vest hourse after the wipe but i guess he has the press account
  4. I just met this guy ingame fully geared m4 the plate armor backpack and helmet how is that even possible?
  5. I know that there is a lot of players playing right know but do we know when the Servers are gonna be fixed? are they going to add more Servers ?