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  1. EFG Greek Community

    Oh Neighbours Welcome to Tarkov Nice video btw
  2. FORT ARMOR İhtiyacı Olanlara Müjde

    FORT ARMOR İhtiyacı Olanlara Müjde Fort Armor ayağınıza geldi...Her türlü halı, kilim, yolluk, paspas kenarına........ neyse Skier'in ilk görevi için malum Fort armor lazım hala bulamayanlar varsa bende yedi tane var. İlk görevi hala geçemeyenlere vericem. İhtiyacı olan mesaj atsın.
  3. AK 74 Modlama Rehberi

    Teşkür <3
  4. AK 74 Modlama Rehberi

    Ak 74 modlamak için gereken parçaları açıklamaya çalıştım
  5. EFT Almaya Değer mi ? Rehber Video

    Oyunu ilk alfa sürümünden beri oynuyorum. Yeni alan ve almayı düşünenler için bilinmesi gerekenleri açıklamaya çalıştım
  6. Its Raining Its Pouring The Old Man is Snoring

    The notification before enter raid says its partial sun or cloudy but when spawn theres a storm... I like different weather contiditons also id like to see heavy snow but having rain for 3 days is too much
  7. I dont know if its only for me but all the maps except factory is raining for 3 days. Actually i like foggy and rainy versions of maps but it makes me tired playing only on rain maps. Its nearly impossible to communicate with teammates or hear steps on heavy rain. Like i said i like dynamic weather feature but id like to have a random chance for rainy map. For now i cant play any other maps except factory.
  8. What is your favourite PDW/SMG

    Kriss Victor :'( not in game yet
  9. What Happens When Game Works Perfectly When there is no lag or desync this game is the best wanted to share that round
  10. Most Lucky Firefight Ive Ever Had 5vs2

    I just wanted to share that moment. I was a tense moment for me also it was the first time im seeing 5 man squad in game. Hope you guys enjoy as well <3
  11. Alright Boys, It's Time We Settle This...

    AR as Squad AK as Solo
  12. Sad Story of Exit Camper How to deal with exit campers 101...
  13. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Damn you ! :@ i tried :'(
  14. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Let me be the 1st comment on 100th page ! Edit : I couldn't :'(
  15. Alpha Key Giveaway (OC EFT Meme)

    Thanks enjoy the alpha !