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  1. Want People To Play with

    I can play with you,what is your time zone?i am eastern time zone,do u have discord?
  2. What do i do wrong?

    I survived 3out of 5 from big map when I solo.its not that hard.just play little sneaky and don't just rush or run in the big field where all the player can see you,and alway run and stop looking around you and lay on the grass and hearing any foot steps or sprint near you.just take it little slow.
  3. Super rare TK glitch?

    It happens to me few times when I team up with my firmed I was behind my team mate,I saw he is shooting scav in the corner ,after he fire then I die,and it say my team mate killls me.
  4. Can my friends laptop run EFT?

    Mine pc always stay 110-120 fps average.
  5. Beta Key Giveaway (Streaming Twitch)

    Nice new streamer get boring of the old streamer.good luck to the streaming,I will be there when u streaming.
  6. 你好我来自美国,我喜欢这个游戏好久了,就是因为这个游戏我对其他游戏没有了好感了,这个游戏最棒的,加油!
  7. If I was in tarkov i will pull out my hatchet and stab it to your head !
  8. docs case

    I find one 2 days ago when I spawn with AI same location,depend on luck man.wipe is coming soon thought.
  9. Why cant I hear people that are close to me?

    It's called invisible desync,happents to me too.
  10. What are your rarest items?

    My rarest item I ever find is a smelly scav socks next to the dead scav at custom.btw u can sell to trader for 10k rubles.
  11. Grey Color on other maps

    You can use reshade,it will make the color more colorful.
  12. all I can figured out player and scav different is player sprint most the time,and scav will talking and less sprint.
  13. Why not ban the people exploiting your game.

    Container glitch is not a big problem righ now,the people we need to ban is the hackers flying hacker and auto aim hacker.
  14. Friendly Wiggle

    Last night by custom I saw a guy wiggle at me then I wiggle back,he know one of my leg are broke cause my walking kinda slow,then I try to get to extract point asap by he keep following me and next think he pull out a pistol and shooting me and I head shot this little bastard try to steal my loot !so don't trust no body in the map if u don't know him no matter how he wiggle or knee down ,just kill him.
  15. character roll when prone

    Would be nice,I don't think it's hard to add rolling too the game,it will help a lot when prone and slide left or right .good idea!