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  1. How is this going to work? If it's a special weapon both superior to normal fair and can't be lost through looting, that's a bit antithetical to the rest of the game, but if you do make it lootable, wouldn't at some point in the game's later lifespan, many will have this gun, thus creating "power-creep" and no longer making it unique?
  2. Midrange only? So essentially I have to avoid open spaces AND claustrophobic/urban areas (where crates are usually found) in order to ensure combat effectiveness? Look, i got nothing against this gun, it's cool as poo, but there's a reason it's a custom make for competitive sharpshooters. I don't see Putin ordering these for his army for reasons said above.
  3. An assault rifle that doesn't have the effective range or stopping power of the DVL rifle, but can't be used for medium or close range combat because you have to pump a round after each shot, effectively reducing your rpm to a fraction of any automatic gun. That doesn't sound like a something I'd use in a land of automatic assault rifles, smgs, DVLs and automatic shotguns.
  4. Sounds great for target shooting, but perhaps not for combat use.
  5. The real question is, given how lag and desync is such a problem (forest/customs) with just 8-9 people on a map, what happens when you shove 54 + devs into those same maps? It might become an axe-runner's wet dream.
  6. Or they know that those 54 players will murder themselves in the first 10 minutes, then be picked off 1 by 1 by a team of devs that actually know how to work together...
  7. Seems a bit done to... undeath. Eh? Eh??? Nothing? Tough crowd...
  8. Honestly, if there were real-life, historical examples of widespread use of makeshift body armor, I'd be all for it, but there are no examples I can find of... say, Syrian rebels or other poorly equipped militias or African warlords making use of these ideas. Edit: There are a few examples of prisoners using phonebook armor to protect their vitals in the suspicion of an upcoming knife attack. But that's about it.
  9. Man, now I just want to try condensed milk straight... used it in cooking but never had it by itself...
  10. Because life's short... why not make it shorter?
  11. If EFT got anything, they got milk...
  12. Out of curiosity, what shooter do you think, does hand to hand combat well? Battlefield 1? A different Battlefield Game? Metal Gear Solid? Call of Duty? (don't give me poo for suggesting COD, I've only played the first 3, the ones set in WW2.)
  13. I would probably get some life insurance.
  14. Man, I haven't even heard of the top three games on that list... (as of 1/25/2017) Bless Online Dark and Light Black Desert Online
  15. PB

    On a more serious note, did you guys have to pay all these manufactures for the rights to put them into your game? I'm actually surprised that all these guns are modeled after their real world counterpart.