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  1. Taking a break

    Frustrations are understandable, please visit the CBT forum and read the patch notes. Lots of great improvements incoming. Looks like you won't be taking too long of a break #locked.
  2. Upgradeing

    As stated above, if you chose you can purchase the other editions later on, but everything will need to be reset in order to see the benefit. This can be done by resetting your game account in your profile page. Please make sure you use the search function before posting, this has been discussed numerous times. #locked.
  3. PVE - Multiplayer?

    There will be no PVE only servers, all servers will always be PVPVE. The group spawns have been mentioned by the developers and stated they will be looked into, but no announcements at this time. Please search the forums before submitting a new thread. All these questions have been answered previously. Thank you. #locked.
  4. hackers

    The developers currently do not accept manual reports of hacking. Also, do not come to the forums and accuse other players of hacking by posting their usernames. This often incites flaming and is not welcome here. Use the search function before posting as this has been fairly clear recently. For discussion regarding hacking, please refer to this post: #locked.
  5. Fix it

    Constructive criticism is important to games like EFT, but a thread like this is useless. Your frustrations are warranted, but please try to be a little more respectful when posting here. #locked.
  6. How do I get OP-SKS?

    Unfortunately the only way to obtain the OP-SKS is by looting one off of a sniper scav. No traders currently sell the mountable variant and the wooden stocks are just that, the stocks (the receiver is the part which has the ability to use the mounts). #locked: answered.
  7. Report hackers?

    Please do not post cheating accusations on the forums. There currently is an anti-cheat in place that will catch potential hackers. In the future, there are plans to add a report feature, but currently it is not available. #locked: answered.
  8. lol this game is horrid

    Sorry you are having difficulty with the game, most of us do early on. After you learn the maps better and have a general understanding of spawn points, this shouldn't be much of an issue. Keep at it, you'll get better. Also, constructive criticism is a great tool to games such as this, but mindlessly complaining about your experience does no one any good. Please try to provide more constructive comments before creating a post in the future. Thank you. #locked.
  9. Let's talk about Dsync

    Please refer to the pinned posts at the top of the forum for information regarding servers. New servers are planned and in the works. Also, inappropriate language is against the forum rules. Please refrain from using such language. #locked.
  10. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Beta hype!
  11. Teamers

    We already know VOIP will be implemented, just not when. So players who supplement the game with external voice communication programs are completely within their right to do so. The devs have made no mentioned of keeping solo players together and groups together, so until we hear otherwise we really just have to "deal with it". I've played this patch 100% solo and have had no issue gearing up. Maybe it is your strategy that needs adjusting? If you see a team and don't have any sort of advantage from your surroundings, weapons, etc. Don't engage. Obviously this won't work every time, but it seems you've had some bad experiences with going up against teams. No one will judge you for running from a fight in order to avoid getting stomped by a group. Live to fight another day, the off-chance you kill the entire team isn't worth risking your hard earned gear (sometimes). Bottom line is that the game isn't going to cater to solo players, it's just the reality of Tarkov. We all have to get used to it. Maybe the implementation of the karma system will help you in the future, but there is no way to know now. If the game isn't fun for you, as you've made crystal clear, take a break. Come back when some of the newer features are released, there is no harm in doing that and seems like you'd enjoy yourself much more.
  12. The concept art of the trader "Skier" (Baryga)

    Love the new art work the traders are getting. Keep up the good work!
  13. Best haul ever, just now...

    Moved to appropriate forum.
  14. Hideout Feature Questions and Developer Answers

    Amazing information! Thank you guys for expanding and I am looking forward to this neat feature!
  15. The Hideout announcement

    Very cool stuff. Glad to see there will be a functional shooting range for when offline mode is disabled. Will we be able to test guns before we purchase them?