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  1. I just think you may have bought into the game with the wrong info on it. Sure you can find some weapons scattered arround the map, but thats in no way to make this a BR type of game... If you wish to have a side arm during the raid you should have started the raid with one and ammo for it , not waiting to go in the raid and find a weapond with ammo just laying arround for you to take. I see this argument over and over " i died the first couple of raids and now i dont have nothing" , well theres 2 things you could do... 1 is to buy weapons from the traders, even if its only a makarov ( you start with 300k roubles i believe, so thats plenty to buy some pistols and ammo ) the second thing you could do is play as a scav and if you really want to get gear and avoid confrontations with other player just take your time move slowly and smart, let a bit of time go by and then pick up the scraps from the dead corpse ( theres a lot of gear that doesn´t get looted from the map ). In the last 3 scav runs i managed to get 6 sks from players and scavs bodys without firing a single bullet.
  2. Analog Controller Device Issues

    Do ppl play Tarkov with controllers?!
  3. Karma... Possible Issue?

    Before making all those assumptions, don´t forget that Raids will not consist on what you are playing currently. You will be "forced" to some cooperation to complete some of the raids as it has been said many times, as well as the "story" related quests ( wich wont be the same as they are now ). If you are defending a KOS clusterf**k then you will have arena mode where you can shoot straight away with no penalties, if not , then don´t forget that one of the main threats against you while completing the future raids will be the scavs and in some extent the opposite faction ( not everyone on the map ). I don´t know how they will implement the karma system but i can´t see that it will be worst then the Shoot on sight policy adopted atm, also i don´t think that the player will be penalized for shooting a faction player once by mistake... it will defenitly affect you when you kill a decent quantity of them... Like PotatoWarriah said, we can be guessing how bad or how good each one of us thinks it will be, but we won´t know until more info on the subject is released, and thats what a testing stage is for... when it comes out we will test it and then the opinions will be relevant...until then...

    The patch is barely out and ppl are allready complaining and whining on what they want.
  5. First death to a sure cheater

    Really?! Why would they announce the Ban waves then? Are you for real?
  6. Friend or Foe

    Use the search function before creating posts asking for Info that is allready been adressed more then once.
  7. It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    Congratulations Nikita.
  8. And because of players that think like you, we now have a broken scav mechanic. Dont bother trying to kill a pmc and get his gear, instead be a douche and spawn in with someone you team up with just to kill him in the back and extract asap with a pistol or a pump shotty... Ridiculous.
  9. Player scavs killing player scavs

    What you are forgeting is that the scavs are in the game to present a threat to the Pmc´s, and if every player scav or the AI scavs all start to kill eachother, then the pmc´s will have no real challenge when progressing throug the maps. Ppl usually use the argument that Scavs are lawless and no honor and all of that, and how it would be in real life scenario... well, in a real life scenario any scavanger wouldn´t risk his life to engage another scav over a pistol or a pump shotty... maybe they would risk it if they saw a scav with an m4 or an AS val... Point is, atm player scavs aren´t a real threat to pmc´s... and the way things were supposed to be they should be worried about player scavs teamed up with Ai scavs or other player scavs trying to kill pmcs for the better gear, instead when pmc´s get to the Scavs areas they are allready dead at the hands of some greedy player scav.
  10. I would recommend for you to join the discord group and meet 1 or 2 guys to team up with, it will be a bit easyer that way. I´ve been playing solo since january and i never found it impossible to do the raids alone, however i haven´t had the chance to play much in this patch, but the few raids i played looked to me like they were harder to complete by myself... As the Devs allready stated, this wont be a game for lone wolfs, it will focus on teamwork.
  11. Player scavs killing player scavs

    Ppl are greedy as hell, want to have everything without spending nothing.
  12. A suggestion for Scav's

    I don´t think its a bad idea...but i don´t see the devs going in the direction of some kind of Scav progression system.
  13. Suggestion

    I think this as allready been discussed on the forum, but im not sure. Anyway i don´t think they will implement such features as the one you described or killcams.
  14. Most games are just unplayable

    The game is fine for some, for others it isn´t , but thats not something new or not to be expected. Problem is that the ppl who don´t want to be subjected to game breaking bugs, server issues and so on should have waited for the full release of the game so they would know what to count on. Instead they buy into early alpha stages and betas despite the warnings and expect a full playable product with almost no issues, when they were warned before hand that this same issues may happen and that the final release may not even be the same(content wise) as what they are currently playing. And not saying that the game doesn´t have any problems currently, just saying that i knew what i was buying into and if im not in the mood to deal with this issues, i stop playing and come back later. Life goes on.
  15. Offline/PvE mode should STAY (as it is atm)

    I will not state my opinion on this... however the devs have said more then once that the offline mode will not be a part of the final product, with or without the ability to keep the loot.