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  1. New problem since the hotfix

    Just wait till they fix it... Then it will be playable again
  2. Killing teammates in groups?

    Its sad but the majority of players will kill even if its for a crappy pistol... few have the will to play cooperatively unless it is with someone they know...
  3. I only had the chance to play a bit of the new patch yesterday, and i made a couple runs , one of them with a scav... i found a fellow scav player on costums and i wiggled at him , and then proceded to test the gestures and as a scav i could select any of the gestures, scavs didnt talk anymore but the gestures were working fine... Didn´t know about Voip being implemented though, is it in the game now?
  4. are the quest too linear?

    The mechanic that was introduced ( Quests ) is what´s being tested for now, not the balance of such mechanic...a lot will probably change from this point till the more "complete" version of the game is reached.
  5. improvised suppressors

    Learn to talk to people in a correct mannerly way. And grow up
  6. Escape from tarkov Zombiee :O

    Lul, This is a new one

    other then cpu usage that has been answered allready, how much Ram do you have available? Don´t know if it still is the same , but not long ago the ideal amount was 16gb
  8. Don't remove it, just a tweak?

    I understand your point...though i believe that trying to limit players from using the game as they intend to will never be well acepted by the player base. There will allways be ppl playing that just don´t want to risk the few gear they have , as well as other players that have a full stash of gear but still don´t use more then a pistol or a shotty. I don´t know what map you play the most, but i onlyy come across hatchet mainly when i play factory ( and for factory i dont bring more then an ak 74u and a paca, its the better risk/reward balance for me on factory ) but usually when i play other maps i don´t see that much hatchlings, players aren´t all fully geared all the time , but usually bring some gear.
  9. quit the game after five attempts

    First of all, what´s your intent with this post? Second, unless you played those 5 raids as a scav , there is no way that you will get spawn killed within the first 10 seconds. I play since january , im an avarage player ( there are way better players then me ) and i never got spawn killed as a pmc, even as a scav it only happened a hand full of times... So, yeah, you probably bought something you thought was fun by watching videos or streams and didn´t research enough on what you were buying into, and now your excuse is that you got spawn killed in under 10 secs on 5 raids in a row.
  10. Tired of complaining.

    That´s the way society works nowadays... everyone feels like they are in the right to state opinions about every and anything ( even when they don´t know what they are talking about ). We feel like we have the right to complain about anything as long as we paid for it, not just games,and so on. Im not gonna say that this is wrong or right , but just to remember the younger ones, back when pc´s became a thing and the first consoles got on the market, if you bought a game it would have bugs, sometimes game breaking bugs glitches and so on and you wouldn´t be able to refund it as you do nowadays ( you could probably try but you wouldn´t be getting one ) or be able to be a part of alpha/beta stages,or even to wait for fixes/updates to be made because there was no internet (also no internet means you wouldn´t have any type of contact with the devs or the company unless you decided to phone them) So this just goes as an example that the so called rights you have today came out of someone elses expenses and were not a given right at some point, so you should value more what you have today.
  11. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    Pointless post. Don´t you want to remove grenades from the game as well? according to you they are broken , so no matter if the AI´s are throwing them or the pmcs... right?
  12. Just have to share this experience

    This is the reason for wich so many ppl decided to support this project from early on... The fact that "you" may be a eximious player doesn´t count for anything if you let your guard down for a second, any distraction can kill even by hatchling or a makarov. I can understand that some ppl have a hard time when they lose gear , but thats the core of the game. You get gear , use it until you lose it , and then go after some more gear...otherwise there would be no reason for looting other players. To me this is the beauty of the game, everyone can die at any point, being fully armored and a "pro" by itself isn´t enough.
  13. 360'd constantly by AI

    I got to disagree on this one... since they changed the AI last time, they become a bit slow on reactions, especially on factory where sometimes you can almost walk up to them ( AI ) and stick your gun in their heads.
  14. Blind Fire

    You won´t be using this feature all the way through the map... in fact, you probably won´t even use it in a lot of raids. It will be a backup resource in a limited number of cenarios that you will be able to use it effectively. First thing i can think of is being behind some kind of cover and realising someone is rushing you head-on and as the name says you will blind-fire trying to kill him without any exposure. if you were able to peak or lean it wouldn´t be blind-fire.
  15. I wasn´t going to answer to this post just because a lot of ppl allready covered your issues... but when i get to the point that you say Cs GO has better visual then tarkov ( even with higher resolution ) it all came crumbling down from there. Also i really struggle to understand what do ppl do to the 300 000 roubles you start with to state that you need to do hatchet runs all the time. In what regards to other game modes , if you really follow the game for 2 years you should know prior to buying it that it is planned to have arena mode and also freeroam.