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  1. So many arguments... so many discussions on how the karma system is going to be bad or good, so many ppl convinced that they know what will it do and how will it work and making statements such as "it will ruin the game" or " i want the game as it is now " ( defenitly didn´t pay attention to the beta disclaimer ) or even ( karma doesn´t fit in a realism driven game ) and yet no official information on the karma system has been released. If you really don´t want karma system , wait for some info to be released and then you can look up for the most stupid reasons on why you think karma is bad... just don´t start to throw stupid reasons out now when you clearly don´t know what the hell you´r talking about
  2. Im getting a bit tired of these "excuses posts". What are you even doing with the 300 000 roubles you start with?? cant you buy weapons with that? reset your account ; sell all pistols and mags and you will have a bit more then 300 000 roubles , buy shottys or ak 74u´s and you can try you´r luck from there instead of hatchet running... Looks like to me that you´r the joke not the game.
  3. yeah , probably the new players aren´t willing to make an effort to work with another scav player in order to obtain more gear then a pistol or a shotgun. yesterday i got killed as a scav on costums by another scav player that had a shotgun ( i had a makarov ) and was coming from the gas station to the road chekpoint , and i was going towards the gas station, we both passed each other without anyone shooting and after that he turned arround and killed me... now i ask , why did he killed me if i wasn´t a threat to him and had nothing of value to be taken? On the other side, before beta i had more "co op" raids with other random players scavs then the ones that KOS
  4. You started with a bunch of pistols and 300 000 roubles!!! no need for hatchet runs
  5. For that you have a hand full of games out there that will satisfy your need for BR ... Tarkov doesn´t need that in my opinion, its supposed to be a FPS unlike any fps out there, so lets not try to turn it into a copy of an existing game.
  6. Yeah... Your "Boy´s" as you call it seem to be some sort of expert Developers to state that the game had no progress since January...maybe they should apply to a job at BSG so we can have 95% of the game development done within let´s say ... a month?!? This game player base keeps getting worst every day.
  7. Damn , thats a cool reloading system
  8. This is one out of many examples of how much you contribute to "questioning" the devs as you like to say that it is what you are doing, unlike all of us "fanboys" but in all of your posts wich aren´t many there isn´t a single one that actually contributes with anything, other then raging and hating either the game or BSG. But for those who don´t know the amazing contribute you give to the games development just by questioning the devs instead of accepting anything they say like us fanboys, i will post parts of your statements about how everything they done with the game is wrong cause you say so, and some where you predict the games failure. Parts of Jezeppe posts About NDA being lifted : - "Great idea. Make it available to the public media just when the game is at its lowest with all the server desync issues and cheaters." ( probably the only one i´ve seen complaining about the nda being lifted... but i didnt search for more ) About Scav mode before its release: - "They implemented a broken feature and then realized that its actually a terrible addition, so they put a cooldown on it. Amazing! The entire game was supposed to be based on the risk of losing your stuff upon death. The problem of bad players running out of stuff could have been easily solved by just making spawning naked actually viable by putting some loaded guns on the map, for example as @Miiller and @Bulveye13 described. It wouldn't have any of the disadvantages the scav mode brings to the game." - "You suck at the game and always lose your gear? Well then you have to spawn in naked and search for a weapon to use first in a BR way. Where is the problem with that? In scav mode people will just join in and play like Rambo because they dont have anything to lose... " - "That has to be one of the worst ideas I have seen in quite a while. Ruins immersion, ruins realism, ruins hardcore concept and rewards players for not taking any risk." - "The only people who are defending this are the ones who literally never question any choice of the devs and cant think of any alternatives for problems. "Oh a feature which solves a little problem, it must be awesome, even if it brings 10 more issues to the game. HYPE"." - "Every single post you made on this forum is something where you argue about the game being bad. And half of it is based on false information. Thats because I am not here to circlejerk but to point out issues so the game maybe becomes somewhat good at some point. People like you however who are trying to find excuses for every problem and cannot form a single proper argument are the reason why broken early access games get tolerated. Now thats what I would call trolling." These are just a few examples where you predicted Scav mode was going to ruin the game, because it wasn´t solved with the Battle Royalle solution you wanted, and for that you said that it was wrong and its not because the devs implemented it that it would make it right , the only right thing was the battle royale solution you wanted. Also, this feature solved an issue, where are the other 10 issues the scav mode created? Constructive Criticism Thread : -"It is at a state where testing makes pretty much no sense. All we can do is play this awful game, which is only fun at times if you either play with friends (which can make literally any game fun) or think you will have an advantage over noobs later on by having all the knowledge about maps, weapons and skills. The gameplay itself is straight out trash. Now with AI and this useless scav mode I wouldn't even consider it hardcore anymore. The devs lied about the state of the game to make a quick buck and now don't even bother working on it properly or hiring additional developers from all the sales to actually finish the game anytime soon. Its DayZ and NMS all over again." ^^ This is what i call a Constructive Criticism, or as you call it : "I am not here to circlejerk but to point out issues so the game maybe becomes somewhat good at some point." Pffff ... Yeah right
  9. 1- Where and who implied the product was almost done? 2- what was promised for the alpha that isn´t there? So if the majority of ppl payed arround $150 the game development should prioritize the speed of development instead of the quality of said development? No. The game isn´t released for the public just because you can buy it, whats being sold with all the packages are chances to get in the game at this stage ( alpha ) and be able to test it and possibly contribute with ideas that can be implemented if they are considered to be good. What the public deserves to know is that they shouldn´t be buying into the alpha for whatever package they are considering to buy, unless they are aware that they are not buying a finished product... wich apparently was your case
  10. For someone that wants to come across as some kind of expert in the game developing matter, maybe you should have informed yourself on the refund policy before. "Refunds are not possible. You agreed with the ToS, Refund only will be possible if the game isn't released."
  11. Im not sure of wich penalties or benefits should be added in order to balance the scav players kill on sight , but something needs to be done in order to give players some incentive to try and help a fellow scav instead of insta shooting you to loot a makarov... and something along the lines of a timer penalty may not be a bad idea as it won´t prevent anyone from chosing to go rogue, but it will force you to chose if you are willing to have a penalty in your timer for the next scav raid or if you want to kill that AI/Player Scav. There is also the fact that you can kill some AI/player Scav on other AI backs sometimes in a small radius of detection and the AI scavs won´t agro the players, this needs to be looked at as well... if you choose to go rogue you should have to deal with the scavs hunting you fiercely, but according to the scav patch Q&A they are allready considering it : " Can there be any fines introduced for killing Scavs while playing as Scav? Scav players often kill their own. There will be fines. There is complete chaos going on in the game. In the future, AI Scavs will react much harsher to the killings of their own. "
  12. I think that if the scav mode functions with the entire pmc´s death so scavs can be victorious and keep the loot, then the whole concern of ppl just spawning as scav, kill an AI scav and extracting is well taken care off. Also, i read a lot of posts where users refer to the fear of loosing gear and because of that they don´t bring gear to the raids... this is something that im having a hard time understanding... What do you want your weapons or gear for if not to take on a raid? what else will you use it for? If you have a m4 all full of attachments and such , don´t you wanna play with it even if you will lose it? Or you just like to see the weapons on your stash?
  13. Outstanding news
  14. I understand your point on the Servers stress on factory when its night time on the other maps, but if they would implement a Day/Night selection on the game won´t that result in the same stress on servers that would be Day time dedicated? There won´t be so much ppl trying to join factory , but it would increase dramaticly the amount of ppl trying to join customs or woods during day time.
  15. You become this naive when you state something is broken without having full knowledge of it, and base your statement the idea you allready know how the mode is gonna work , but that information wasn´t disclosured yet. And if you want to throw out stupid examples as this one, i can say pretty much the same thing about your argument, do you consider someone guilty before all evidences are presented, or before the trial is over? Yeah stupid indeed , especially when i typed " named them ( issues ) " and you say i refer to 1 in the next phrase... what? all the issues suddenly retracted to just 1 issue?