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  1. Im not sure of wich penalties or benefits should be added in order to balance the scav players kill on sight , but something needs to be done in order to give players some incentive to try and help a fellow scav instead of insta shooting you to loot a makarov... and something along the lines of a timer penalty may not be a bad idea as it won´t prevent anyone from chosing to go rogue, but it will force you to chose if you are willing to have a penalty in your timer for the next scav raid or if you want to kill that AI/Player Scav. There is also the fact that you can kill some AI/player Scav on other AI backs sometimes in a small radius of detection and the AI scavs won´t agro the players, this needs to be looked at as well... if you choose to go rogue you should have to deal with the scavs hunting you fiercely, but according to the scav patch Q&A they are allready considering it : " Can there be any fines introduced for killing Scavs while playing as Scav? Scav players often kill their own. There will be fines. There is complete chaos going on in the game. In the future, AI Scavs will react much harsher to the killings of their own. "
  2. I think that if the scav mode functions with the entire pmc´s death so scavs can be victorious and keep the loot, then the whole concern of ppl just spawning as scav, kill an AI scav and extracting is well taken care off. Also, i read a lot of posts where users refer to the fear of loosing gear and because of that they don´t bring gear to the raids... this is something that im having a hard time understanding... What do you want your weapons or gear for if not to take on a raid? what else will you use it for? If you have a m4 all full of attachments and such , don´t you wanna play with it even if you will lose it? Or you just like to see the weapons on your stash?
  3. Outstanding news
  4. I understand your point on the Servers stress on factory when its night time on the other maps, but if they would implement a Day/Night selection on the game won´t that result in the same stress on servers that would be Day time dedicated? There won´t be so much ppl trying to join factory , but it would increase dramaticly the amount of ppl trying to join customs or woods during day time.
  5. You become this naive when you state something is broken without having full knowledge of it, and base your statement the idea you allready know how the mode is gonna work , but that information wasn´t disclosured yet. And if you want to throw out stupid examples as this one, i can say pretty much the same thing about your argument, do you consider someone guilty before all evidences are presented, or before the trial is over? Yeah stupid indeed , especially when i typed " named them ( issues ) " and you say i refer to 1 in the next phrase... what? all the issues suddenly retracted to just 1 issue?
  6. On the post named General Questions [FAQ] : Q: Will there be some sort of a death penalty? For instance, necessity to heal critical wounds or skill reset? A: Yes, you will have to do healing, but the skills won’t be reset. You calling ignorants to other ppl and saying they should be informed before posting, ...
  7. How do you want to be taken seriously , when you are stating a feature is broken , without even trying it or see any gameplay of that feature? Also , you seem to be against the feature and you constantly refer to all the "Issues" and negatives that it brings to the game... but i haven´t see you name them yet. How is the scav mode gonna take out the risk of loosing your gear upon death? will your Pmc not loose it? will you scav not loose it upon death as well? Do you even know what is gonna be in that mode to be able to make up your mind about it? NO. You don´t know if you will be able to extract , or if your just there to prevent pmcs to escape, and if you can only "win" as a scav if all pmcs get killed or extract and either you win or fail your mission... Conclusion. You state that Scav mode is unfair because players can win everything ( whatever that is ) with no risk, but your solution is to add guns and vests and armors arround the map?! That is mindblowing ( sarcasm ) ... how is that a no risk/high reward solution when you would spawn naked as pmc ( without risking any gear ) and could leave the raid fully geared ( without even killing a scav or player )? That makes no sense
  8. I agree with this, and was hoping this would be how it's implemented. I think playing as a SCAV should not reward any gear, but it should reward EXP. Maybe offer small amounts of money per unique player kill? If loot is totally accessible, people will abuse it... spawn as a SCAV, figure out where everything is at, then mutiny/collect/camp in the corner of the map until they can escape. So... let me see if i get this. You say you think player scavs shouldn´t get to take any gear back to the stash because afterall they don´t share a stash with the Pmc´s, but both believe that you should take skill points or EXP from it?? how is that any different from taking gear to the stash? how would you main character gain EXP or Skill points from a raid a Scav did and not your main character? The fact that you wont get any experience or skill progress or any of that is exactly one of the reasons ppl won´t exploit scav mode... because if you keep playing scav you won´t progress your main character. Plus as its been told allready , scav mode will have a timer for you to be able to join a raid, and once you lose or win , you´ll have to wait lets say for ex. 1 hour to join another raid as scav, or pay roubles to skip timer and if you´r paying to join another raid you won´t make any decent profit from what you may carry from a scav raid and what you spend to join another one... Also when scav mode and karma are in game , you´ll have to worry about Bears and Usec´s hunting you ( scav ) down, while you ( scav ) will have to ensure that pmc´s mission fails and they do not escape
  9. There were a few points that i haven´t seen anyone refering to, such as the time limit ( to join a raid ) you will have on playing as scav... after joining the first raid as scav and win or die, you will have a timer to be able to join again, or you will have to spend roubles to skip the timer... that alone will bring the possible exploitation of the scav mode to a minimum, cause you wont loot stuff to sell, to then spend it on a scav run. The other point is that i see a lot of players concerned on what is possible to keep from the scav run to the main character... and this is what i´m having a hard time to understand. Why is it unfair for some player to keep what he looted as a scav and sucessfully survived that raid? How does that affect you ( player that doesn´t agree with scav mode loot )? If anything the fact that more players will have more means to have their main character with more gear is only gonna benefit everyone, because it will bring more geared PMC´s to the raids, right? Obviously no one wants to see the mode being exploited , but im confident enough that the devs are taking that under consideration for a long time, and didn´t reveal to us everything that will be a part of this mode including the downsides of being a scav.
  10. Thats not a valid point i must say... I also don´t have a lot of time to play games ( cause of work ) i can only play for 1 hour sometimes 2 per day when i can, and i also have a family to attend too and at last i am by no means an expert playing this... at best im an average player and with that said i never got the need to axe run for gear except the first week i started playing, i dont have a full stash but i never ran out of guns either. i can enter a factory raid with just a pistol and get out fully geared with fort or paca armor helmet and ak 74 just as long as i play carefull and patiently. If i had all the gear in stash even if i died, then i would´ve quitted playing this a long time ago
  11. where is the grind for gear? Its just as easy to get gear as it is to lose it... on raid is enough, to win or to lose gear. If the devs decided now that you wont lose gear or that you will only lose 50% of the gear u carry , how would that make the game better for you guys? what would move you to go kill geared players and loot them if you would have 90% of the gear in your stash after the first couple of hours you play? If anything will slowly kill the game is this ( not loosing gear upon death ).The fact you lose all you´r gear is what will make you improve yourself and go out to "hunt" players or scavs for more gear...
  12. And you won´t achieve that by letting players keeping their gear upon death or loosing only what they collected on the raid( like someone stated for example the division) because then players will abandon the game due to not having any real objectives other then shooting other ppl... I´ve been playing this since January and i don´t have all the gear or have i lost all the gear in stash so far, but if i die a few times playing with more gear and on a more agressive playstyle, then i may go on a raid with less gear/cheaper gear and i play more cautious so i can loot and extract some more gear... this never made me want to quit or stop playing the game,don´t know why others would. But i quited the division a long time ago because of that factor ( listed above ).
  13. You think complaining is one of your rights since you payed for it, but you´re wrong. You pay for it to be an alpha tester as everyone else did and that doesn´t give you the right to complain, at best it gives you the tools to help the developers fix what needs to be fixed by reporting ( on the Report Bug Section ) bugs/glitches and to potentially contribute with ideas for the game, that may be chosen to be fully or partially exploited by the devs, if they find that there´s something that can be exploited from the ideas the community may give them... These are some of the things you can actually do to improve the games development, but complaining isn´t one of them
  14. Interesting... Do you mind to enumerate some of those Bug Free games you dreamed of? ^This is one of the main reaosn on why you should research the product before buying it... If you don´t understand the premise of the game , then you clearly didn´t research anything about it ( and watching streams isn´t all the reasearch you need ) and then you assume that what you are saying is correct just because you don´t have the knowledge of what the game is aimed to be. Again... someone didn´t research anything about the game before buying it and now after realising that this is no battlefield or rust ... or darksouls?!? ( don´t know how you even use this game as an example ) you simply assume that the game has no goal or its lacking direction... This game was never intended to be a team deathmatch ( 16 vs 16 ) as you want or to build bases and raid enemy bases. Once again... don´t buy on impulse ( watching a stream and thinking it looks good, isn´t research enough to know what you´r spending your money on ).
  15. And even if you did buy more then one... how is this punishing you? by that line of thought no one would ever do any promotions or they would be punishing whoever bought it before... Also you bought an alpha access and the possibility to help fund the game we all hope to see completed in the future, it didn´t said anywhere you would be buying a full product and that it would never be subjected to promotions. This forums are getting way to hazardous nowadays