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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. If you're referring to Klean's post here: I think he was making a joke like used here:™ Don't read too much into it. CBT is planned for Summer 2017. That's about as much as will be said at this time.
  3. Hey. @ArmaSwiss don't be so modest. You did all of the heavy lifting. I just cheered you on.
  4. This will NOT be on the community discord.
  5. MP5

    B E A utiful.
  6. Hype levels off the charts.
  7. I like the one inside the gas station.
  8. What topics closed? What answeres do you want?
  9. A small amount of press accounts were given out to help promote and showcase some of the game.
  10. The green dudes are exits my friend.
  11. Play them in offline mode without any AI. you'll find the exits easy
  12. Great news!
  13. Oh wow.
  14. @Kleanuppguy Really intense video. I love the guy hip firing with the pistol for some reason.