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  1. A Tarkov Tale of Frienship...

    Great video
  2. Very hack in the game.

    I can 100% confirm this guy in the video was banned. Also the anticheat is functioning at maximum efficiency and all cheaters will be reviewed and banned. #Locked
  3. EFT account trading liability

    Account Sharing 5.4 You must keep all information relating to your Account confidential. At no time should you disclose your account ID or password, secret question or answer to anyone. This includes your friends, relatives, parents, children, spouses, co-workers, and any other player of the Games. 5.5 You are fully responsible for the conduct and actions using your Account and for all breaches of these Terms of Service committed by using your Account. We shall have no liability to you for any loss or damage arising from any unauthorised use of your Account or any unauthorised access, use, alteration, modification and/or disclosure of your personal information.
  4. Escape From Tarkov Forum Video Widget is here!

    So cool Boysies
  5. Oceanic servers?

    Oceanic Servers are already live. Please use the search function to avoid creating duplicate topics.
  6. What's In This New Patch Then?

  7. connecting to wrong region

    AFAIK you connect to the servers best for your ping unless the server is full. So: 1. Either the Sydney servers are full. 2. Or you somehow have better ping to the ones in Germany. Which could be caused by slow response from Syndey server.
  8. US west servers

  9. About Steam and Retail Release

    AFAIK developers haven't announced this yet.
  10. Escape from Tarkov conquering Mt. Elbrus!

    In future DLC
  11. Well done to all entries I love seeing people flex their creative muscles. The winner is... @Krymz_ with his Guerrilla gardener Congratulations to him. I will be contacting you with a key shortly. ~~~ After reading through the entries several times I've decided to give a runner-up prize to @sergeib4332 for his "I have a son" series of dairy entries. While they weren't as in line with the other entries in this competition I felt that some thought went into the entry and I feel it was well written. I have decided to award both of these contestants with a 7-day Trial key!
  12. Contest has closed. Winner announced shortly.
  13. One hour left
  14. 6 hours left