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  1. Great news!
  2. Oh wow.
  3. @Kleanuppguy Really intense video. I love the guy hip firing with the pistol for some reason.
  4. Will there be special lobbies for this so that players know what they are queuing up for?
  5. Oh wow. GET HYPED!
  6. Congratz @Kleanuppguy
  7. I like this one. Looks like he is trying to cook something.
  8. Okay so. The moment we have all been waiting for. I will now announce the winner. @MikeBenet technically has the most +rep, however these have not come from community members and thus do not count. He has been disqualified. @ShankCZE has the second most +rep but I had a problem with the originality of his meme. I found a very similar meme in this thread. I have after talking it over with some of the team decided to award @ShankCZE with the key on the good faith that he merely had parallel thinking and did not intend to have his meme so similar to one already posted in another thread. The originality while not 100% unique was close enough to slip through. Congratulations ShankCZE. I will be contacting you shortly to receive your key. PS: Big thank you to all participants. Thanks for making this giveaway a success.
  9. The competition is closed. Some investigation is underway. The winner will be announced shortly. Please do not +rep any other memes.
  10. Competition ending soon. Good job all memers.
  11. So technically speaking the PMCs are supposed to work together and later you will get negative karma for killing a fellow bear if you are bear or usec if you are usec. The scavs however are supposed to be more out for themselves. Some people seem to be working together and thats cool. But i'm not sure if its something we should punish people for not doing.
  12. Great memes, Don't forget to vote for your favorite. Less than 48 hours left!
  13. Bumpo
  14. Pretty spicy memes so far guys. Great job.