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  1. Excellent news! Quest system hype.
  2. On the next screen it should say why/how you died.
  3. Hello, Can you give more details about this issue? Are you playing in offline mode?
  4. Not yet, it is planned.
  5. 1. eeeh muh immersion. Neutral on this suggestion 2. Sure yeah why not. I sort of like the difficulty curve of tarkov. Its part of the charm. 2. Planned 4. This one I disagree with. I say hoard away whats the harm? 5. Yeah this one is mildly annoying +1
  6. @naleman Odd, Are you both selecting the same map, time, and online mode?
  7. Hello all, Developers are looking into this, please be patient. Not sure if this was posted here yet but: We hear you Oceania.
  8. Hello @METH_LEOPARD 1. No you dont need to insure it or the melee weapon 2. Offline is like 'test mode' nothing is saved. I would recommend a new player use it to practice and learn the maps
  9. What does it say when you go to your profile page?
  10. I was just getting excited It started with Blackb1rds message.
  11. eeeeh. On paper you can run it. I don't know how good you'll do in practice.
  12. Hey you know waves and stuff
  13. Hey waves have begun! Welcome new players!