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  1. Tarkov is actually an ODST from Halo

    Just something funny I noticed
  2. Looking for small fire-team(s)

    Located out of Chicago, IL. I am 23, work in IT, and I've been playing PC since 2002, I have been very focused on heavily tactical games since Arma 2. I've played a lot of Arma, DayZ, (well over 4000+ hours in Arma and DayZ combined) Squad, and generally tactic based games. I have been playing EFT nonstop since January. Currently level 30 (busy season at work) Depending on work, gym, and social life I will generally be on from 8pm-1am Central time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and maybe Saturday and Sunday mornings. I don't mind joining a clan but I am not looking for super hardcore simulation, I would like people to play with, and who will take the game somewhat serious while keeping it enjoyable I just can't commit to a sim group.
  3. Official Trading Thread

    Buying Factory Key Name your price
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    Thanks man! Much appreciated, I want to buy my gear again
  5. Weapon Companies Thread

    I totally agree, I love GL's but for fucks sake they ruin gameplay.
  6. Server Down Code 605

    You're not, its game wide. Check the beta forums.
  7. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    It's a rough closed beta but I think the OG players are confident that things will get resolved. It's worth getting into if you can be patient.
  8. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    Now my buddies can start playing....but what about that Desync Dev gods?! We believe in you. Save us.
  9. My Cat Fell out the window, mid raid.

  10. Is it worth buying EOD?

    Interesting, I could not see it available when I logged out.
  11. Is it worth buying EOD?

    EOD is not even available. Thanks for reviving a dead thread for your only post.
  12. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Haha yeah that's probably dead accurate.
  13. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    I am going to need to have someone call my work right now and give them an excuse for me to leave T_T
  14. Forum Ranks

    Ohhh okay thanks a lot!
  15. The MP7 SMG- A perfect candidate for the game

    Please? MP7 is one of my favorite guns of all time, especially from its use in the book "Rainbow Six"