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  1. A Profile reset wipe coming up???

    Probably missed the the point, but saving gear is not exactly a great way of spending the game, I still have fear of loss over losing my gear which makes me love the game more. Tired of seeing such poorly geared players and slaughtering hatcheteers.
  2. A Profile reset wipe coming up???

    When I knew the wipe was coming I got a wet paper towel and starting wiping off those really pretty M4's and Forts that I wasn't touching at the time, and guess what? I was using them and started making so much damn money and bringing in so many damn M4's from the blood soaked lands of Tarkov I started having to sell them for USD and Rubles..Why you ask? Money makes money boo boo. <3 Am I like Batman? I am the hero the forums need but not the Hero they deserve?
  3. A Profile reset wipe coming up???

    I laughed pretty hard myself at that, like... Really? I just lost a full kit M4 worth like $2k but it was not important...I've got 15 more.
  4. Official Trading Thread

    Paying $6000 or 570,000r for keybar Buying 7 Tuchonkas for 150,000 r or $1500
  5. Official Trading Thread

    Buying 7 Tushonkas! PST
  6. Official Trading Thread

    Selling Gamma $25,000 Milk x 12 - $350 per / 30,000 r T-bags x 21 45,000 r or $500 GM counters $500 per Buying 10 Tushonkas
  7. Official Trading Thread

    I'd prefer to do $1650 if possible
  8. Official Trading Thread

    Buying 11 Tushonka's $150 a pop
  9. Official Trading Thread

    WTB 12 Tuchkonas
  10. Official Trading Thread

    WTS Marked Key $6000 I'll buy yours for that cheap. I've sold 4 at $6000 a pop WTB Factory Key
  11. Official Trading Thread

    Buying Factory Key Selling Marked key and ZB-014 key
  12. Official Trading Thread

    Selling 6x UV lamps
  13. Official Trading Thread

    For sale Marked Key Morphine x 1 WTB Factory Key Gasan x1
  14. MPX AR15 Compatibility

    The MPX and MPX-C utilize AR based pistol grips IRL. /thread
  15. Official Trading Thread

    Back to two marked keys for sale $6000 each