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  1. Bear LF Leveling Group

    yo if your EU and need another rifle give me a shout
  2. [EU] Beta looking for 4 to 5 players

  3. [EU] Beta looking for 4 to 5 players

    your Discord tag didnt work
  4. Sneeki Cheeki Breeki Looking for mature members

    seeing as you say central am guessing your not EU
  5. Help a noob

    had the game for a while but am pretty bad was wondering if experienced players could take me under there wing and show me how to get good haha
  6. scav

    as a scav do i have to survive the entire 2 hours or can i exfil at anytime?
  7. Group

    got a link?
  8. Group

    honestly looking for a group which might take me under there wing give me a few pointers etc would be alot of help...... details age - 22 based - UK
  9. Task Force 15

    am interested in joining...