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  1. MP5

    That would be a MP5K
  2. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    To the two BEARs at Shoreline 20 minutes ago. (11 - 30 and 31 - 50 i think) I just ran through the gardens and got really startled when i nervously killed you both haven't meant to spawnkill. Thanks for the gear anyway ( I only had this PM with PMM Ammo) Fun fact: you both shot exactly one shot at me

    There is an official tradin thread: I am sure you will have more luck there finding good offers.
  4. Money reset?

    Or any other container, money must be plain in your inventory to be registered from traders.
  5. Tips

    I can only say learn the maps(and spawns) it makes things a lot easier
  6. Proper Reticles

    Somehow I first read "Proper Testicles"... I think additional nightivsions would be good. I personally get headaches of the green tone. I was able to try a greyscaled in the army which was really convenient unfortunately i don't know which model it was.
  7. Since you're using double negatives I suppose you want to see that in tarkov?

    When you want to see it like this nothing is ever gonna be finished. "finished" wouldn't even be imaginable... I don't know what they are doing I think even I could do better... i don't think they are charging AAA prices I usually pay for AAA-Titles 60 to 80 CHF and here i can buy it for 40 CHF...

    Well first of all i stated my "emissary"-like answer just because of the money-thing and I am not trying to be one either. I just wanted to avoid this post to become a "money-back" post which is kinda pointless as you all should know. Why are you getting PUBG into this? I don't see the connection. also i don't think they do it better. if you adore PUBG so much then why are you complaining about EfT? Shouldn't you be playing PUBG instead?

    I play this game since January too. And I know that the servers are horrible and I am not happy with it too! There were only little improvements since then but the got the desync problems mostly gone. the main issue i see now is the lack of servers / serverpower to maintain this amount of players and items...

    Please keep in mind that this what you bought is not the finished game but a testing version to support BSG with EfT. The devs are aware of the server and desync problems and are trying their best to fix it.
  12. So when I was doing the Bad rep evidence quest for Prapor i went throught Customs fast and carefull not to bump into others. And when I extracted at the Gas Station Exit it counted as "Run Through" and the last part of the quest was not completed which says: "Survive and exit Customs location" So when I reported it as a bug with the Report Tool i got the reply that this was no error: I don't get it why you have to spend 20 min and or kill someone to complete a quest. The quest says "survive and exit" not "survive for 20 minutes and kill everything you see". And I think the whole "Run Through" penalty is retarted you get more xp if you get killed than when you would "run through" how stupid is this? What do you think?
  13. Celebrate Halloween with Escape from Tarkov

    Threating a fellow spooky-guy with the new "Gangsta"-Animation for not being a dooty skeleton
  14. EFT vs PUBG

    I played PUBG way over 2 hours so i couldn't get my money back. but i don't wanted this piece of AIDS in my steam library so i removed the game from my account without compensation. i think this says what my opinion is on this. pubg and eft are 2 completely different games i don't get it why people tend to compare these two.
  15. Accout Upgrade

    Oha da bin ich also doch recht enttäuscht von den Programmierern, vielleicht sollte ich mich mal bewerben