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  1. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    Ever heard of punctuation?. We all agree it's better, but not by much. Allegedly, moving to unity 5.6 or whatever was going to help and probably fix the faulty netcode... well it didn't. A small improvement is still and improvement, but small steps like these go unnoticed cause a lot of the users are still getting desync and everyone jumps in.
  2. ETA regarding improving soundsystem?

    You could easily calssify EFT's (current) sound engine as either mediocre or "placeholder" depending on your opinion. There's no easily perceptible direction and no reverb, echo or dampening. Maps do little to nothing to affect sounds, sans rain. Not mad, it is still being worked on as far as we know.
  3. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    Desync has been around for so long now it almost feels like part of the game... I don't think I can live without it now.
  4. When's scav on scav violence going to be punishable?

    Lore continuity. Not quite. PMCs can choose to be scum as well. USEC and BEAR have history, a bad one at that. But that doesn't mean they're natural enemies, they were hired to fight each other. Like I said, PMCs (players) also have free will. Karma is yet to be determined 100%, so perhaps killing a player not in your faction doesn't hurt as bad as killing one of your own. Scavs are supposed to get worse deeper in the game (AFAIK), maybe player scavs will also spawn with better gear depending on the map. Besides, player scav are significantly more dangerous than AI, or at least smarter.
  5. Patch-Notes / Update-News / DEV-Blog

    This exact thing was already mentioned in one of the Q&A's and has been mentioned by Devs around the forums as something that is at least resting on ice. Searching is not that hard.
  6. improvised suppressors

    First of all, try not to use all caps, thats against forum rules. Second, I think it's a wonderful idea. EFT is NOT a warzone anymore, it's an aftermath and PMC's are stranded on a ravaged city. Gear could be rare on release and the exact reason why we even have a bartering system to begin with, so we can make due with what we find/have.
  7. Gamma case skins

    hahahahhaa!! oh my, the things people come up with.
  8. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    I've seen scavs throw nades and kill themselves... Such lols
  9. What are your rarest items?

    The rarest item I ever got was a rubber pad for the M4's stock
  10. insured gear, currently applied short time is not enough

    No need to play martyr. Devs will unlikely extend it for so long for the same pricing. The only option I can think of could be paying extra for another 24hr or more depending on Devs.
  11. insured gear, currently applied short time is not enough

    1 week?? WTF could do you possibly do for a living that requires such time window? If you're goin to be away from EFT for so long, then don't waste money on insuring anything.
  12. Refund ?

    There are no refunds unless the game tanks. It's in the TOS
  13. Make it random

    caaause... you could spawn closer to exit/loot and camp the crap out of it and have an unfair advantage. Since the exits are at the edges (linear) and not the center, it's not like spawns can be spread out all over the map. Loot on the other hand should be random, that alone will force box sniffers to take a greater risk. More loot, randomized location, spread out.
  14. Time Limit on Scav Extract?

    I dunno about this, I don't check loot boxes anymore, much rather kill someone or AI. Seems more rewarding. Shotguns are 10K a piece, if you can leave with 6 of those if you have a scav backpack thats over 60k in profit, and more often than not they have some attachment worth 4-5k, so add an extra 10 to 20k. If you snatch armor, even better. Spawning-in is a disadvantage, so you likely won't get good things as most have been looted already.