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  1. Patch 0.4**** - wstępna lista zmian

    czegos mi tu brakuje. nie było jeszcze przypadkiem body kits czy jakos tak?
  2. Anketa

    I will be bear to the end. No traitors. I dont care if i get the mp5 instead of vityaz after the wipe. Im sworn to this faction and honor is more important than a shitty gun! Bears are here to kill the bad usecs. No illegal actions allowed!
  3. Bear gets vityaz ~ 30k roubles/Usec gets mp5 ~ (900 dollars ~ 82000 roubles) I want to be bear faction but if i get that shitty gun i will be mad... put something like 2 vityaz or AKM (or both for EOD) because i feel the bear faction is a bit discriminated
  4. Official Trading Thread

    looking for 3 gas analazer and 1 docs case, im paying well (PM me or quote here)
  5. Stuck in door

    my friend just having it too, after 1h of trying to do a task he finally went to exit and stuck
  6. I would add something like you can exchange 90 roubles to 1 dollar or 1 dollar to 89 roubles because peacekeeper run out of dollars to exchange for roubles in 2 seconds... I have so much roubles it takes like 35 slots and only 23k dollars and i dont want to sell things to peacekeeper because he gives you like 100$ for paca (9000 roubles) and skier gives 11000 roubles for paca. I have every trader on max level and it doesnt matter where i level trader up, but where i get more money. I dont have wallets/document case because in 250 raids in beta and like 1000 before beta i saw only 1 wallet which i sold because i didnt know you can store money in it (it was march or something). I think every player would want that so devs please help us. Edit: sry for my bad english i hope you can understand what i wanted to tell.
  7. Peacekeeper can haz more dollars?

    40 seconds?!?! wow, 1 second after restart i see like 20k dollars and i sell ak body for 100 and it says he has no money so its actually fuc***
  8. Closed Beta will start in July!

    11 days left to move the beta to another year
  9. Issue with loot

    any news about that? i dont want to play with makarov... (last time it ended dying by a shotgun owner) i want to get some loot on PVE