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  1. BSG - please stop Secure Container trading!

    I just waited for an argumentation like that: Think what you want, i just said my opinion... i have my EoD-edition because of many reasons, but i dont feel that i have to underline one of them. I have a nicely paid easy job, i only buy games in the best editions. It's ok for me that all advantages can be gained through playing the game, in my opinion this is one of the best ideas the devs had and having an upgraded hideout for a bigger stash and an max tier trader for a epsilon container is ok for me too. But i dont like the fact that a feature for fixing problems is misused by people. It's just a bad behaviour. I dont need to take advantage of bugs, glitches, failures or just a bugfixing feature.
  2. BSG - please stop Secure Container trading!

    @gianluzzz The Container is one of the main reasons to upgrade to a higher Edition. Stash & Container... all the other stuff is not really something hard to gain. Weapons, money, armors, kivrs... all that stuff falls from the sky after a week. More than one can carry... but the container stays... gives the oportunity to carry more important out of the raid. On Facebook i've read in some groups that the people are laughing about BSG and buyers of the higher tier editions because they can get the Container for free (400k roubles is the actual price... some with additions - "free" because 400k roubles is done in about 2h of playing) But my major concern about this is, that people are misusing a feature (profile reset) to get an advantage in the game and to get around a higher Edition feature. And you mentioned the devs should focus on more important... thats right, but this is a serious problem, when people get used to this behaviour... if BSG let's people do this like the next 2-3 Wipes, people will get angry, when BSG changes it. If People will get used to not selling/buying of secure containers and buying a better edition for those things, the more money flows into BSG and into future development, DLCs, Weapon recreation and Sound Recordings (like one of the last YT vids they posted). Greetings, ZergZwerg
  3. BSG - please stop Secure Container trading!

    Nothing can be done? Like code it to just switch the Container against another traded by a trader? Not pulling it into your inventory or in raid outside to trade it? You think that isnt possible? The better Secure Containers are a major improvement and a argument to buy the better version of the game. Being able to trade it and to remove it while in raid makes people think they dont need to buy EoD or LB Editions... they just think they need someone that is selling the Container... with reseting of the profile it is to easy to get around buying better Edition. BSG is loosing money because of this. Just my 2 Cents
  4. Hello Battlestate Games, could you please do something against Secure Container trading? On Facebook, Reddit and some other Websites People are trading their Secure Containers (Gamma / Beta) to other people, then they reset their profile and have another container. I think that is not intended and is a bad behaviour of those people... Greetings ZergZwerg
  5. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Thats ok for me. But i dont think you "know" where i am coming from. That's a huge mistake to think you can assume someones history in games or something else by reading some sentences in a forum. But that's another story. To stay more on-topic... Just because i have my complains against a thermal i wont leave the game and i am not completely against it (what you would know, if you would have read all my posts in this thread). I am just saying that this item will effect the balance of the game negatively in the way thermals just work. My attempt is to point things how to 'nerf' it in a way that fits the economy of the current state of the game and let the thermal just work how it works. The main focus is on hardcore survival MilSim oriented Players... most of the players that play the game are coming from other MilSim Shooters. Those Players mostly play pretty much... getting used to balistics and 'realistic' gamemechanics is not a thing to do in 30mins of playing a day. And all people i know playing EfT can throw roubles like nothing. 1mil is just too cheap. 5mil would be better. Even more better would be, if the Scope would be an extremly rare item, not found in green crates or the weapon boxes... more like the keybar, but more rare. Or just obtainable through a end-game task. End-game Task for an end-game item. The Thermal should be an item, that is used in Clan/Squad Wars. If the Scope is cheap for 1mil roubles, shortly after implementing it you will have much much much more camping as it is now. But i'll wait from now on what happens... Streams build a extremely important ressource of new players/customers for this game. When more streamers like Deadlyslob mention their complains... the devs will react in some way. And all i have to complain is part of the actual state of the game. Whats in the future is something complete different. Nobody knows where the vision of the devs hits a wall. But when it happens, i'm pretty sure they will change their vision to a vision that can pay bills. Because after all... they are devs. BSG is a company and most companys target profit and/or further projects. I trust the devs that they will do whats good for the game balance, but the thermal is a controvers item. Believe me... they knew that the announcement of it would lead to heavy discussions.
  6. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Hardcore realism? Okay, so please only use a split to cure a fracture... and then dont run, just walk. Dont use Painkillers, Morphin or Vaseline (hilarious this can 'repair' fractures)... because those meds just take away pain, your broken leg wont be fixed. You would not be able to run. Even walking would be hard. Please... because it is realistic. Fact1: Arma is too a game/MilSim for a special subset of "Players" ... Most Players avoid playing on Servers with Thermals, because they ruin the balance and take out the skill to predict your enemys movement and to be smarter as your prey. Because Server Admins want players to play on their Server, almost all Servers dont have Thermals in the loottable. Devs want that their game is played... and even if the devs dont wanted this... the moneygiving people behind the Devs want that people play a game, or just buy it (EA style). Fact2: It's funny how people use the "The Devs said it is a hardcore game" Argument always they like something, even if that is bad for the balance of the GAME. And Games need to be balanced. Let us wait what happens... Deadlyslob just meantioned in his last video that he dont likes the idea of thermals because of the stated reasons (Arma as example), if Kotton and other well known streamers take the same opinion, perhabs something happens like to the 303 Key...
  7. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Yeah, thats right, i (as a mostly solo player) only go full geared if my stash is full with nonstackable items like forts and kivers and i have a task to do, where i need to survive. And then i only encounter people i cant avoid. Not because of gearfear, more because i dont like starting tasks over and over again. As example: Even geared teams of 3-5 players seem to not come with the Alpha or the UMTBS 6sh112 (sold by skier for about 35k roubles) Rig into raids. Forts and Kivers are pretty common because they provide protection. A standart Rig und a decent gun completes the equipment. I encountered teams not often alone but when i did and won and killed all of them or forced the rest of them to run off... i never found one of those Rigs in more than 600 Raids. Absolute correct! My idea was that the scope is just obtainable through a very hard task. A task that can be done only once. No task with grinding items. No task with getting a questitem and laying it for 45sec around somewhere. Something really hard, a endgame-task! So people will think about taking it into a raid twice. When its gone, its gone forever. Those Scopes would get more and more lost. Tradeprices would go into the sky and most players would learn to play without them.
  8. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I think they have a place in the game, but only under extreme conditions. As long they are so cheap, 1mil rouble is peace of cake, especially for Clans/Squads, they will ruin a bit of the game. Nighttime runs wont be as fun as they are now. But i hope and assume that the devs are aware of this and will make them more expensive, harder to get, put them under a sort of ressource need or put something to counter them in the game.
  9. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I didn't pread false information, i just said what was my experience. I never said that it is just like that. But if there are both playstyles equally there, then its false to assume that the game should be played only in a certain style. Both styles are legit, make fun und i think that the devs are aware of this, even if they state that its a teambased game.
  10. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Ok, seems like the matchmaking-system brings mostly solo players with other solo players together and teams vs teams, which would be a pretty good thing.
  11. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    An idea to make it a bit harder to contrast bodies vs enviroment... imagine a sunny and hot day in your holidays/Tarkov... the sun burns, no clouds, you are dripping in sweat. Is the only thing that is warm your body? Or does the sun heat up almost everything? The enviroment should, regarding to the weather, loose heat after the sun is away, should gain heat when sun comes up. Loose faster heat when rain is there and so on. The scope should be just useable if certain conditions come together. I hope they will add incendiary grenades, not only because to counter the scope. But it would be a nice addition to the game, they are real (regarding to the ppl saying something should be ingame bcs its real), look amazing, could be used to force players to leave a camping place/area and could be a counterpart to NVGs and thermals.
  12. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Yeah... i think the scope is too cheap too. BSG meantioned the scope will have a low working range to make it not op, but i see a lack of information how far "not far" is. The gif-animation on factory is more than far enough to make the optics op. Ofc on maps like woods, customs, shoreline and upcoming maps with more range it will have lesser usability but as i meantioned there will be geared groups of Clans using a combination of NVGs and thermals. I'm thinking about how to nerf the op-ness... like the thermals can only be used for some seconds to check an area and needs to reload/recharge for 1-2min, or using a expensive/hard to get resource like batteries (not the small AAs ingame, some special batteries) or something else like that.
  13. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I stated that i know that its meant to be played in groups. And i know that the Devs mentioned in more than one interview how hardcore and teambased EfT is meant to be played. But the majority of players i encounter seem to play alone. And i play alot atm. If you play solo, like i mostly do (just because my Teammates dont want to buy the game yet and are still playing PUBG), you need to have better tactics than others. So i used this patch/wipe to train ambushes, laying of traps, my softskills to be faster, hit harder, training my personal patience to camp like a boss to kill grouped players... In actual a bit over 600 played raids since the last wipe (majority played on customs in the last three weeks) i encountered mostly four kinds of players: Most common: Hatchlings or TT/Grach/Mac'n'Cheese-Runners (solo players) Common: Geared Solo-players... gear pending from just an AK to fort/kivr/M4/etc Rare: Geared Groups... but those are equipped to the teeth. Pretty rare: Hatchling Teams... Teams of 2-3 Hatchlings, probably new players that still have gearfear Dont get me wrong, i love the game, i think its the best game ever made for survivalgame-lovers and i love the challange to play solo in a team based game, but the above said is just what i experienced since january 2017 ... most players play solo.
  14. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Nah, they just use those pretty common invisible NightVisionGoggles. Last Week i found some Scavs on Woods and their cloakingdevice was malfunctioning. (See screens - if they load - forum seems to hang a bit) cant add the screens
  15. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    i hope that the game will encourage much more teamplay when released as it is now... would love to see more Tasks for more people.