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  1. @Natalino He's too busy reworking raid maps
  2. Because he's not selling enough stuff already and is such a reasonable trader
  3. Less than a month in, but already a couple uberfails away from escaping to Nepal where I intend to live as a goat...
  4. Si potrebbe creare un canale su Discord e ci si trova lì
  5. Hello, first post here ^^ I'm in the middle of the decision to buy it but still have a couple doubts. Hope you can give me your opinion about it. Details like the magazine check are what made the game for me but I started wondering: what's the point of it all ? Is it going to be a deathmatch/team-deathmatch with looting and nothing else ? This bothers me, as I fear my AK fetish won't be enough to keep me inside. Secondly, somewhat less important, I was pointing to the Prepare for Escape edition, but have no clear idea of the differences of the Gamma containers, as well as the date for the next Alpha wave or the timetable for the open world game mode. Clearly the first question is the main one and it stuck me between this EoD and the previous one. Can you help me out ?