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  1. Yes please, and have it verified as well ! It's no biggie, but I am taking care of two new members that the website PM can't reach because of that. So, please remember to verify the email after registration/application
  2. We currently have 6 more players waiting to join, can't wait to see how many full squads we are going have for the Beta!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, but the first thing that comes to mind for me is "this is not Arma". On a second thought, yeah, that's a bummer but doesn't speak for everybody here either.
  4. EoD will become basic package if we go on like this, could as well make up a new one!
  5. Who wouldn't want a shaved Blackadder in his Gorka to judge you silently while you outstandingly fail to best your opponents in Tarkov ? Who's mad enough not to desire such a remarkable paragon of a man to be represented faithfully on their own desk, thus nobilitating that very house of yours, now stuck in the confines of peasantry ??
  6. DO WANT
  7. Sorry no but I like the choice, it makes sense to me as trader to let clients choose depending what "I need" so also it's a better fluffy way to do trading. Maybe in the future with a bigger weapons range, you will be able to buy easily the pleb guns and barter for the middle ones, leaving the best to be bought for money or rare items. I really like the bartering as it is already but maybe I would prefer a better choice in items to be traded, because a grocery list is fun for once even if for basic weapons.
  8. Every wipe you can experience again the hardships of starting over and the perfect excuse for hatchet-running That we now know it's even more fun in team chopping geared people to bits
  9. Hololololololoooo
  10. Who are you ? Why are you posting here ??
  11. Not to be annoying but that's what I've been saying for some time now. Not just for Scavs and players but for BEAR & USEC as well.
  12. Of shuttings! LeMans24H now! Also am sleepy....
  13. Che avevo detto ?
  14. Sì quello che penso io ma dagli screenshot si vede che il prezzo non è proprio "popolare" per un fucile a pompa, figuriamoci per un M4 cosa sarà.... Se introducessero un forfeit, che scade dopo un certo numero di raid, allora sì, ti dò ragione e la farei anche io.