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  1. Hackers Rampid

    There are videos of other people getting the same thing. It always seems to happen on Shorelines. My guess is that it's desynced scavs killing people. I suggest you make a bug report.
  2. Those occasional .5 second stutters are people extracting or scavs spawning in. As far as I know everybody gets these freezes when it happens.
  3. You search for EFT cheats and the search results consists of ... EFT cheats. What are we supposed to discuss?
  4. Just wanna get his name known to people

    Then why did you tag your post with "hacker"?
  5. Just wanna get his name known to people

    Cheater reports and naming/shaming is not allowed here buddy.
  6. Ban for forbidden software using 

    I would even go as far as say that I would gladly pay for a service like that, just to ensure that I am playing on a level field.
  7. Is this a veiled attempt of calling out a cheater or is it a proclamation of your intention to deal out sweet vengeance on somebody that killed you multiple times?
  8. Ban for forbidden software using 

    I am convinced that in order to catch cheaters your anti-cheat tool must be intrusive. A combination of taking and sending screenshots of the entire screen that the game is played on, active processes on the computer and so on. Without it, catching cheaters in a popular game will always be a losing battle.
  9. LOOT is the only thing I care ಠ_ಠ ?

    I had a very hard time trying to interpret your original post but I think you're saying that you want rare spawns completely removed and instead be completely random. Is that it?
  10. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    You’re talking about how there’s no gear matchmaking & that clearly indicates that you view this game as a traditional competitive shooter rather than a survival game. A lot of people bought this game thinking it’s something that it’s not and does not strive to become. When these people then realize that this is not the new CS:GO that they were looking for, they complain & try desperately to convince the developers to change the game in order to fit the bill. Personally I find great satisfaction in going into a raid with a minimum amount of gear, making some good tactical decisions and coming out with a lot more than I came in with. There will be players with better gear than you but there are ways to counter that and you even pointed it out yourself in your second paragraph. You shoot them in the legs rather than in the armoured areas. And if there’d be some sort of matchmaking in this game then gear would not be the best thing to match with since a super geared inexperienced player would still act as a loot piñata for veterans. Do you want to survive more raids? Don’t go running around with just your hatchet expecting a high survival rate. Equip yourself with weapons and mods that suit the map you intend to play and join up with a group of other players. There is strength in numbers, just like in many other similar survival games.
  11. Factory exits BROKEN!

    The only time I had this was when the server was very desynced.
  12. How much RAM do you have in total? @Laggiter97 I missed that you actually specified this in the bottom of your post. Googling this issue keeps going back to the same thing → memory corruption.
  13. How Far Will Tarkov Change

    When they add persistent health effects that go with you into the stash screen it will be a lot harder since you die a lot as a hatchling. Going straight back into another raid as a hatchling with broken legs will crank up the difficulty to the point where survival will be almost impossible.
  14. Performance Tips

    I have the same GPU as you and an i7 3770 & I get good playable performance with most settings turned down to low. The biggest culprits are SSR & Object LOD. Try to completely turn off SSR and set Object LOD to the lowest setting. You did not specify how much or how fast your RAM is. RAM makes a huge difference in this game & if you have below 16 GB of RAM you will probably run into issues. Inreasing the size of your pagefile could help as a temporary "fix". In the background of EFT I use Process lasso (keeps EFT CPU priority high and stops other stuff from hogging performance in the background) and the same memory cleaner software that @zpwarrior just suggested. Also @Kleanuppguy have this video that helped a lot of people with issues. Good luck
  15. Hacker named

    BSG does not accept cheater reports. This thread is going to get locked. Also, getting killed instantly is far from proof that somebody is cheating.