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  1. Customs Map.

    Try using colored markers to show exits, different types of loot, hp stuff etc, then write below the map what the different colors represent. Ex. Red-guns, blue-computer parts, magenta- keys, green-exits, yellow-locked openable door. Etc etc. Laters
  2. Wrong taxonomy Version

    up again gogogo
  3. Wrong taxonomy Version

    ooo oooo... TELL THEM to get me a pizza, some beer and a new bike too. MAKE THEEEEEMMM
  4. Wrong taxonomy Version

    could be aliens too.... who knows...
  5. Wrong taxonomy Version

    same, but dont care what i lost, wanna know what i get now:D
  6. SpeedHACKER!!!!

    desync. read about it.
  7. This was a A.I. scav

    they still get random names. if that was what you were refering too.
  8. have you had a run where u DID get the loot? or else it might be as venomous said, u might have clicked away from the "transfer to character" window, which u must do in order to get the stuff. its like the second window after extraction. if not, sux. i only had this once and i got a error message and it was a looong time ago. GL
  9. Spending Euros and Dollars

    thanks! was wonderng this earlier and bought a bunch of stuff to check it. really wasnt a big deal, but its good to know. ty.
  10. similar rank matchmaking or open

    as far as i know its totally random atm. when lvl 1 you can spawn with any level players, with any type of gear. the higher level you kill, the more xp you get.
  11. Saiga 12 dropping mags every reload.

    like delta said/implied, 2 taps on the reload button drops the mag and make reloadtime shorter. another thing can be that your vest is already full. you need 2 emptly slots in your vest to put the old mag in before taking out the other one.
  12. Hacks?

    all hacks are "silly"
  13. Probably server load. Also because this isnt what the game aims to be. An offline friend co op game vs computer. I think that is why they are putting so much effort in balancing stuff and insurance and market etc. Also its been said before.
  14. Fix the sounds.

    Yes, and thats good n all. Buuut. Wouldnt it be easier to work on a functioning platform where this is one of the problems solved first?! Then concentrate om the game, modes, stuff etc. Just seem stupid. More players, more content more everything makes this problem just grow, with no end in sight. I might be wrong. Really dont know shet about gamedeveloping. But this thought has struck me manymany times. Its being worked on is also another word for, shutthefrackupidontwannaorfeellikeexplaining. Had the game forever it seems, this is still the biggest issue. Nothing better (i dont know if they improved, they keep adding players and other shet, so if they did, they are counteracting themselves). Never got a satisfactory answer about this.
  15. How are you supposed to get out of a scav round?

    Survive and go to an exit? Or is it a trick question? Rhetorical?