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  1. Your best run? (Screenshots)

    Gratz. I recommend insuring your stuff. Atleast the valuable things. Glhf
  2. Gear dont make the player. Learn how stuff works and youll see. Just need more experience. Stuck in you evolution? Ask appropriate questions about what you problem is. Gl.
  3. scavs killing scavs..

    Are you serious? If you dont know this is coming i dont know if you even can read, obviously not use the search function anyways.... its been said 1000000000 times that voip and other means of communicating is coming.
  4. This. someone who actually thinks. its rare here. Also, a supergreat thing about EOD is that DLCs are free. When they come that is. AAAAnd yyou support BSG:) why, thank you. please interrupt my other posts and threads to write a useless comments in hopes to get likes. i suppose(hope) you meant the post that is gone. which was a reply to someone else. explaining/breaking it down. in a dramatical way. also hit this word up in the dictionary; EXAGGERATE. see what i did there?(if not dont bother).
  5. What if I fail task ?

    yes, ap0. that was what i was gonna suggest to OP. and about timed quests, there is a "clock" on the top right of the window containing the quest. GL
  6. Drastic Change To Reloads For Realism & Usefullness

    I like it. Have thought about this too. Spot on.
  7. Cant answer it fully, dont remeber what i wrote and my post is gone for some reason. Cs and tarkov isnt really same genre, exept both are fps games. Havent really played cs in like 10 years or whatever so dont really know, no. But even other strictly fps games have skill (or whatever u wanna call it )progression, unlocking wepons, ammo, perks etc. You are free to give your opinion, yes, didnt say different, just said dont answer cuz its all in tears anyway and i dont care about this whining topic, its pointless. But now u got an answer anyway., so i guess i do care a little. And please continue this tedious conversation. Its so woth it. Or school me in something, thatll teach me.
  8. Svenskar som spela i grupp, helger främst.

    kan va på. ålder på er? 32 här. spelerfarenhet osv? spelat sen december eller nått... kanske innan, minns inte. pratar svenska och engelska men är HÄR för svenska. ingame varggift discord varggift#0356 har ts3. typ samma speltider som OP
  9. maaan you are whining.... i have EOD. doenst mean i have automaticly the best gear as soon as i join the game. i wanna find my gear to use it, not buy it(well at first anyway). and about the 0.2 rep i got, well, so? i need to do all the tasks anyway. you are like 1 step behind me here. and not having as much stuff as others, well thats my fault i guess. it takes time to build it(or just do a million factoryruns with a pistol, 1 sucessful raid there and u have guns n stuff for 5 raids). do you think just because i have the EOD i automaticly have more than you or what(technically i do but for like 3 failed raids worth of GEAR)? 14 scavs on woods? dude. 2 runs with ANY weapon, avoid PMCs if u scared. what does my EOD do to help me here? about spawnkilling, you are just making this up, yes, there is, but not as much as you say. and dont stand and wait for them?! second mission you are on about. well WHAT? do the run, survive. then its over to factory. same. run there plant it, die or whatever. go in again kill 1 scav or take a med or eat something(for xp so u dont get a "ran through"). leave. done. if you die u dont have to do EVERYTHING again. just ONE of the part-tasks(the part you failed). new players? well i havent played directly after any update till this one and sure, there are much geared players, which really just means fatter loot for me, yes harder, but really, who want something easy?(in that case ill just call you sister;) *JustKidding* ). and there will always be seasoned, newbs, and inbetweeners in a game. u arent supposed to have it easy. and to learn a harcore game like this costs sweat blood and tears. there are easier games if you have a hard time. and as NO ONE EVER SAID, life is easy. so dont expect it to be it here either. ....or just pay up if you think that 170 euros is worth your 0.2 rep
  10. The problem regarding Scav on Scav violence

    u must have misunderstood. the answer to your quote was "freedom of chioce". the rest wasnt meant for you. and i dont really care about looking dumb on the internet, just sayin. but my point is valid imo. but as i said it wasnt directed at you. Sir.
  11. The problem regarding Scav on Scav violence

    FREEDOM OF CHOICE. anyways. just learn to live with that others dont have the same view as you and stop trying to handicap everyone who thinks different. this was the main point of all the text i wrote in here. and i will refer back to what scavs are supposed to do/be. but sure. change everything to make your playstyle easier. even add a non violence mode where you can grab a pretendbeer with your fellow players and just chill out, who even needs reallife. everyone gets beer except scavkillers, they get a tray of salt and beaten up by the others. HUGGINGTIME
  12. SQUAD PvP Mode

    i think i like this idea.
  13. The problem regarding Scav on Scav violence

    [I ANSWERED YOU IN THE QUOTE] they dont have to follow orders, they can make their own fate. unlike the soldiers who follow a chain of command and has tasks etc. if they wanted the scavangers to be a "faction", they would have named them differently for starters. like locals or residents or whatever. but they chose to call them scavs which is very confusing if they wanted them to be a closed community of some sort, having a code and rules to follow. That being said. you CAN do whatever you want. u can hook up with other scavs, just your firends or just go fracking(this it not a curseword or masking a curseword, its from a series, how they use the word you can interpret) bananas. IM JUST SAYING stop acting like its unfair or cruel or whatever. its open for whatever you want so stop complaining about people taking another path than you. watch your back and keep your eyes peeled. this isnt some candyland its tarkov and life here is rough, deal with it. edit: we alreay covered that, look, it says EDIT in the middle of the post were this is mentioned, and my response to the dev about changing it. so whats the point bringing this up? it changed back this patch so dont act like u knew this al along. Buddeh.
  14. EFT Style Keychains USEC & BEAR

    ok. neat idea though. goodluck.
  15. The problem regarding Scav on Scav violence

    would be awesome to get to know this, other than in a random post since its a pretty big change. and it was changed back this patch? strange to add it, just to remove it a few patches later, imo. but might be more behind it...? but that wasnt the main point of my post. ill edit.