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  1. I need help!

    waht woter said, and to get the info, press the letter "o" on the keyboard.
  2. as stated above. against paca and kolpak helmets. takes way too many bullets or am i not understanding the descriptions correctly. anyway. check it out. its useless for me.
  3. Corps Body heat

    he meant that you should be able to feel the body heat of a corpse to know how long ago he was killed. not the brightest idea imo, but everyone(ish) is entitled to their opinion. no offence.
  4. False Hack Accusations

    1. dont post other playernames in accusing posts or any other finger-pointing ways. 2. ignore the guy, its just a little child. 3. if cant #2, take a screenshot and send to devs(ticket, harrasment).
  5. How do I create a team?

    choose map, insurance screen, then, when in lobby, search your friends name(when he´s done the same thing as you) and you will se it. then rightclick to "invite to group". wait till he or them has confirmed invitation. glhf
  6. Pre-Order Edition Upgrade Question

    to get the EOD gear and perks, u have to reset you profile. u will lose it all, but, i think u can claim the gift again. 24 h after reset(to stop abuse)
  7. AK stock adapter doesn't fold??

    yes, but it doesnt slide:/
  8. Pre order Upgrade

    you pay the difference
  9. Punisher pt 6 undoable!

    yes its hard, no its doable. lost like 25k usd and 1.2 m rub. 3rd time was the charm for me. prepare your stash with kits. dont overkit yourself. its in, kill, leave. no fumbling around. an ak is like 24k so get a bunch of those.(2toolkits at theRapist)
  10. New update but no patch news?

    not a patch, hotfix of the last one.
  11. Yes. They just added a bunch of cases/boxes, like weapon case, armor case etc. Its for ppl with small stashes(or really really rich ppl, like me). Also yes to your first question. At anytime, u just have to reset account after, so u lose all your whatever.
  12. Loyalty levels (traders)

    just found this page; its in russian but if u click the "spoiler" under each pic, u get the info.
  13. Official Trading Thread

    Need 15 tushonka. Need 1 checkpoint key and a closetkey (for quest) Got alota stuff and munneh. Dont have extra factorykey.
  14. Why is there 2 factions in this game ?

    Omgaaaaaaaad thats a cool video!!! Must have missed it.
  15. Your best run? (Screenshots)

    Gratz. I recommend insuring your stuff. Atleast the valuable things. Glhf