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  1. OBS, 0 lag and high quality recording also and very easy to setup! i would recommend it to anyone!
  2. others have answered for me, so ill leave it at that.
  3. not sure how many times people need to be told, scav's are supposed to kill other scav's if they see fit, FYI
  4. Haha so true.
  5. No one is ever banned without proof, I'm a rust player I've seen players be banned who have cheated. I've also been in groups with cheats at the time, I was unaware of any wrong doing as I do not believe in cheating myself I wouldn't ever play with someone who does cheat.. After being banned they admitted one after another at different times to us as their friends that they had cheated and were banned fairly, but to everyone on reddit and the Face Punch dev team they always say they were wrongfully banned thinking that they can get there accounts unbanned etc. Cheats lie if you banned for cheating, the devs have proof. Its that simple! Along as you do not cheat, you will never be banned.
  6. 27 from the UK
  7. EPIC!
  8. not sure that's hacking dude sounds more like bad dsync. until the devs are finished implementing new in game features, and address the net code issues, dsync will remain.
  9. thank you very much. also @Natalino thanks alot for all the help it is very much appreciated. im excited to get playing as part of the community.
  10. I've completed the TAW website application and I've been accepted , im still reading though all the information to make sure i apply everywhere in the correct order. im very excited
  11. I've started a application.. To join TAW I'll give a open and honest review, when I have Finnished for others to see. Hoping for good things.
  12. Hell ya!!! I'm so excited... (Insert hype train meme here!) Woohoooooo
  13. lol i can taste the tears of all the kids that got banned taste goodMan!!!!
  14. Im so excited right now
  15. totally man !!!