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  1. not sure that's hacking dude sounds more like bad dsync. until the devs are finished implementing new in game features, and address the net code issues, dsync will remain.
  2. thank you very much. also @Natalino thanks alot for all the help it is very much appreciated. im excited to get playing as part of the community.
  3. I've completed the TAW website application and I've been accepted , im still reading though all the information to make sure i apply everywhere in the correct order. im very excited
  4. I've started a application.. To join TAW I'll give a open and honest review, when I have Finnished for others to see. Hoping for good things.
  5. Hell ya!!! I'm so excited... (Insert hype train meme here!) Woohoooooo
  6. lol i can taste the tears of all the kids that got banned taste goodMan!!!!
  7. Im so excited right now
  8. totally man !!!
  9. Sorry but I do not understand what your trying to say, In my opinion this is not a fast paced game at all. It is most possibly the best tactical shooter I've ever played. By that I'm saying you have to take your time and plan ahead to come out the other side alive. So yes armour is vital to this type of game. In my opinion OFC.
  10. LUL
  11. I love the fact that armour in EFT offer's real protection, unlike most FPS actions/shooter game's, and also that its balanced very well already, in it's current alpha state. let alone what the finished articular will be like. i do feel like more armour type's are needed in Tarkov maybe some lighter protection for your leg's. But i still think grenade's should be a 1 hit kill, very much as they are right now, it takes alot of skill to kill with grenade's in EFT. if your skilled anoth to hit someone or stupid anoth to get hit, then fair play you deserve the kill/death, and the spoils or disappointment that come with either one.
  12. i feel in love with this game the first time i saw , Klean_uppguy stream it on twitch. later that day i bought the EOD package and ive been enjoying the game ever since.
  13. i purchased the game after watching, Klean_uppguy stream EFT on great guy really sold the game to me, in a none bi est way.
  14. I'm newer to this game then most of here but in my opinion the game is incredible campy every round I've played there is always someone waiting at the exit to kill you after you spend ,20 mins looting and killed 2 players and other npc's . I get why people do it. Its a great strategy to be honest why waste your time looting etc. When you can just kill others for there loot. And also by camping you are reducing the risk of being killed yourself, and not losing the loot you have bought to the raid.
  15. congratulations you deserve all the best