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  1. I didn't miss anything. I just really think some of you learned everything you know about trauma from video games and monty python.
  2. How some of you want wounds in EFT to be.....
  3. have you met many people that Rambo on after getting shot multiple times in the legs?
  4. Fantastic news!!!
  5. NICE !!!!!!
  6. so you are the first person to ever have something go on sale after you bought it. Welcome to planet earth.
  7. hahahaha
  8. I am out of reputation. But that certainly deserves one ! lol
  9. he looks a bit fem for a Russian. Are you sure that isn't the French model?
  10. dude you need to go back to DAYZ
  11. Pennsylvania
  12. ..... I would be wondering where the local brothel was.
  13. nice work !
  14. you fookin whipper snappers.... 50. USA.
  15. Could you cut , paste and repeat yourself like six or seven more times mate? I'm not certain anyone reads anything but the original post and the last