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  1. Wow, this is bad...

    This is batcountry!
  2. Can't communicate...

    Try teamspeak, skype, discord? On top of that find people to play with. I was kinda lonely when i started playing this game, but i joined the EFT discord and found people to play with.
  3. SCAV's and their unstoppable grenades...

    Died to alot of silent nades, it is very annoying.
  4. Kinda sick of it...

    Like someone probably mentioned and you probably accepted when buying this game, it is early access and not a finished game. I understand your frustration, had a lot of dodgy thing happening to me aswell. But lets hang in there and see where this game goes?
  5. Idea to help quell cheating issues?

    Yep a delayed kill cam would solve the problem and not ruin the hardcore aspect.
  6. 7 Day New Year Feedback

    Beside the desync, long matching time, desync, silent nades, desync, silent shots, desync, server connection lost and desync... i'd say it was ok?
  7. What am I doing wrong?

    That happens on pretty much every map.
  8. Wow, this is bad...

    Silent nades is a pain in the behind. Also silent shots are getting on my nerves, you just see that you take damage, get bleeds and then you're dead. Not a sound heard.
  9. spawn camping

    Havent seen spawn camping for a year or so, and then it was only in factory.
  10. WD40 100ml - rarest item in game?

    Same here, i only find 400ml.
  11. A.I. Too Easy?

    Sometimes scavs are crazy though. But PMC is still there.
  12. new heltmet op?

    Dsync is more op than anything, happens to us all. Oh yeah and new helmet is not so op, killed lots of people wearing those, even as a scav with the shitty new shotgun. Desync is the real problem in this game, hopefully they will make it regional atleast.
  13. Small Group Of Players Recruiting

    Interested, I am from Sweden but i've been playing with international clans since the late 90's. Also i have highest grades in the english language (mostly because i game alot). Send me a pm if interested. Also the reason i am applying is that i am looking for a small clan. Been in those mega gaming communities before and it wasnt so nice.
  14. Indeed, and since i love this game i have no problem with doing that. You wish! B-b-but you already have EFT?! Same with my friends, but we make it work. If not i just buy more friends the game, or visit the EFT discord, it also brought me some guys to play with. 90% of the times they were actually good guys.