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  1. how report a hacker

    There is an working ingame anticheat, they will be banned and there is no manual reporting of cheaters
  2. New Player Tutorial

    This is to adress the mentions about matchmaking. The matchmaking is fine, yes it can be annoying to die from time to time but you play your cards right and you will mostly benefit from it. Like there was once 2 groups that happened to get in same game as a team it was 1 versus 6 and with few changes of position and 2 grenades it was 1 versus 1 thou I died to the last guy, but the point is that even level 1 player can kill an fully armored fort player with 3 leg shots or if they get lucky and hit face shot so helmet doesn't help the geared guy, meaning that they would get really good gear right away but as easy it wwas to get it is also to lose it.
  3. Need more Face Models

    Just in basic there should be more character customization, so people could make their character look what they want.
  4. Second account

    Okey if they get banned im pretty sure there is good reason behind it. This is not to be offensive but with names like that I would assume they had 3rd party software running background or something for them to be banned because thye don't ban for no reason believe me as someone who was banned from forums in 1 minute after making 1 mistake as I tried to fix it I was allready banned.
  5. Pistol case is case you have in stash it's size is 2x2 but it has inventory of 3x3, so basicly it is like wallet but you can store pistols in it saves space in your stash.
  6. XP gained on player kill

    I am pretty sure youget the normal values for what level the player is and when you start looting you get the looting xp that is increased more there is loot on the body so killing geared players give you more xp.
  7. Gamma container suggestion

    Yes I know that they are not necesary for that but what I meant with that, since it has taken so long to fix the bug and the idea is good as you said and it would be cool in general, it would be temporary fix/test to see if people like it and it would remove the amount of glitchers with smgs
  8. Gamma container suggestion

    Yeah it should be but in parts, since it would nicely prevent the gun glitching at some degree but it still would need to be fixed so pistols can't be glitched but I really like the idea since it doesn't really reduce size and it could be increased if they want by pair slots.
  9. DVL-10 M1 / M2

    Just wondering when will we get the supressed version into the game?
  10. Quest Mega Thread

    I know right, just think about someone who starts the game now and to get some basic items from skier has to find late game items and give them away.
  11. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    Sorry I ain't good at english so no idea what punctuation even means but more people in english forums and finnish ain't language that many understand
  12. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    Atleast do it somehow how it actually is usefull not in that stupid whining if you wanna get rid of it how about finding sources causing it and reporting it rather than whining. Developers know about it and they are working on it how hard is it to undestand, there are tens of people every week reminding them about it too.
  13. Still, there is Desync problems on going

    Yes you are do "Beta testing" by shouting out things that people have talked about since alpha so what could be an better way and the game still has Desync yeah can't deny that but the performance is now better.
  14. Scam von EFT?

    Good luck with that hope it works out so you get to enjoy the game more
  15. Scam von EFT?

    Sorry to hear and sorry for english answer since i don't speak german. But if you don't have the receit for the purchase then what they see you paid for is the correct one. if that really happened that you got the wrong version then it sucks totally but haven't heard that they would have scammed anyone.