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  1. Please Help me

    Since it is your first purchase you have no use for profile reset, but how long has it been since you filed the support ticket since it might take couple days to be answered if they are busy.
  2. Bug Report

    Sorry for english answer, but please report bugs using the report bug function so they can be found easier.
  3. Pumpkin helmet

    Sorry but no item wil be kept when wipe comes for testing purposes.
  4. Just a few concepts maybe?

    I believe that carving or other visual customization to gun you might lose in 1 raid is waste to do, but that is just my opinion. And I am pretty sure it is allready confirmed that there is somekinda way to detect squad with garments coming into game, not 100% sure though.
  5. Cant Switch between 2 scopes

    So since noone has founds the problem yet I went and tried it in game I made M4A1 with the MPR45 and Hamr and it worked just as it should with the normal key bind Lctrl+Rclick, then I tried it with the deltapoint and it worked just fine too, so what I am thinking is that you binded something else to Lctrl by mistake and it makes the combination to not work, so try and reset your key bindings to normal by manually setting them back or just pressing the revert button in the top right of controls, but after that just go and try again. @DOIG @Dimtiri_Vegas
  6. Game breaking bug!

    It is not really game breaking, but should still be fixed since it is an problem with the missing colliders of the wall.
  7. What happens if you run out of money?

    Yeah I figured that is why I corrected, but no worries mistakes happen and that would just be way too easy.
  8. What happens if you run out of money?

    I think you might have misunterstood what he said (or I might have misunderstood you), because depending wwhat loot you have gotten out and you sell it all yeah you might get 100k with decent chance but it is not quaranteed to get that much by any chance. Easiest way to get out of that is just play and not worry about it at all untill you start saving up some money, but I recommend to use the guns you get from doing scav runs, if you don't have anything else to use that way you have lots to gain nothing to lose. And pretty sure the game will eventually have some kinda of tutorial.
  9. Se ois täänän se juhla vodkan aika.
  10. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    Can't wait to see how it messes up with inventories, if it comes without wipe but a really cool update that I've been waiting for.
  11. Hackers ? teleport at custom

    There is no option to manually report players, in game anti-cheat will catch and ban them in waves.
  12. How do we report possible cheaters?

    There is an active anticheat in game that will pick up cheaters, no manual reporting on the forums.
  13. #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial)

    Well it is your fault that you got banned since teamkilling if you are at same channel in the discord is against rules of it and when you refer the admin being some 12 year old kid think about the fact that you did not adress the issue some other way, but decided to kill him. I have ran into some people who do that too and just tell them to stop doing it and if they don't just add note to their name they do that and after that don't play with them.
  14. Headshots and Helmets and the Leg Meta

    It is in effect.
  15. Headshots and Helmets and the Leg Meta

    Just confirmed that the Makarov with PMM and PBM has chance to kill 1 shot through kiver (10-70 meters) but should atleast kill in 8 shots. And the face hit box is confirmed thing.