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  1. Your suggestions

    picatinny dust cover by default on the AS VAL Please bring this to Tarkov. I just hate the stupid dovetail mounts. They are ugly and useless/ uncomfortable to use. PLEASE
  2. MP5

    what attachment do I need to mount the silencer on the standard MP5 like in the picture?
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    That's some real EFT poo right there, 2 completely redundant scopes on top of each other. So, where do I get one
  4. Your suggestions

    and if you add the f90 you can also add the Aug a1 to a3 since they are familiar and are just awesome in every way. I can still field strip the a1 while blind. fun days as far as I know, the models for the Vektor are already in the works since they can be seen in on of the dev diaries on youtube
  5. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Looks awesome!!! Can we maybe get these screenshots in English?