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  1. Dirty 30.... as of today...
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the -only- difference listed between Pre-Beta Patch and now is Shoreline. -Everything else- listed at the beginning is already in. Is there anything other than Shoreline and fresh meat to expect?
  3. Likely they already have who they need to do the job- Emissaries. Give them the good word and let them do it
  4. It's a valid fear that without at least a monthly rundown of progress they will fall into obscurity, but remember they are doing something that is so rare for a developer that it is considered obscene these days: They are making the game -they- want, instead of what a bunch of preteens screaming racial slurs on Call of Duty want. AAA devs refuse to follow this kind of game development concept because it doesn't appeal to everybody and won't sell maximum copies. As long as they avoid making concessions on the original plan versus the community whining and maximizing sales, then the communities whiners (and by the GODS ARE THEY OUT THERE) will not affect the amazing end-product that their financial backers (US) paid to receive.
  5. I get the feeling that perhaps regular informative updates are avoided so as to limit expectations on what is "acceptable" progress. If they create a baseline of progress for reference by establishing a month out deadline for an informational update, we will rapidly see an increase in either A. Whining about progress being made (meaning how little or the type/area) or B. mistakes made by the Devs when deciding to release content. Imagine, if you will, all the bugs that have been solved so far, combined with the bugs/issues we have now, and the bag of trash AI Scavs used to have compared to their pseudo-abilities right now. THAT's the kind of scenario we risk by pushing too hard, or they push themselves too hard to impress with progress. I too would like further information, but I also am willing to accept that perhaps it is not so simple a situation.
  6. Try a variety of capture methods. Screen Capture instead of direct/window capture maybe be your only option to get running in a timely fashion. Lots of Youtube videos cover the variety of capture methods available.
  7. SKS

    You must really like your AK. Snapping instragrams with it posed like a slutty chick in the morning sun. Nice looking rifle.
  8. Me rolling up on patch day Awww yeah.
  9. A lot of their mechanics already exist in other games. The unique combination of those mechanics are what will make this game special. As it was said before, the inventory system and environment is reminiscent of Stalker. The Stash feature exists in lots of games, as well as the permanent loss elements related to gear. Heck, degrading stats and health has been done before too. The Arma series has had a ton of these features as well. What makes this special is it's absolutely sexy combination of features and damn fine visuals to go along with it. There's some motivation and love behind this game that no AAA studio can compete with. And I really, REALLY, like where this game is headed. I don't see EFT becoming a wash in any respect, but I too would love to see similar games with combinations of features like these made. Hell, I wish Skyrim had this inventory system.
  10. Other than the aforementioned monkey feet and man hands, I would say the pretty eyes and makeup take away from a model meant to be in a serious scenario. And like others said, put some pants on her. Combat cargo shorts are made fun of by a huge percentage of Merc and SpecOps communities for a reason. It's silly. Don't take my criticism too harshly though. I think you did a fantastic job on a personal project and clearly have the skills to create content for a game like this. It's just out of place somewhat. Kind of like perfect fingernails and hair in a zombie apocalypse... (Looking at you EVERYGAMEEVER) You know... I have restarted this post 4 times before I got to this: A female model, in my opinion, would only make sense if they included 3 new models instead of 1 female model with reskins. Males: 2 models, 1 beefcake, 1 shorter whipcord type. Females: 2 models, 1 beefier, somewhat handsome female model (Think the Russian chick in Overwatch), and 1 shorter whipcord type. You could apply certain bonuses and weaknesses to each model type, reflecting a variety of possibilities for the Mercs involved. Women in combat as a topic is often overlooked and misunderstood and even more-so in games. I would be down with adding a female character but it opens a Pandora's Box of new requirements and issues. Let the Devs do their thing. And budget constraints are always a thing as well sadly
  11. 29, USA
  12. I concede your point. It's just too darn early to tell how this is going to pan out in that regard.
  13. Anyone else excited by the idea of behaving as an AI Scav only to deviate from that behavior to wreck other Scavs and players? I do see a problem with this though...and it was mentioned earlier: Some folks would rather wait to play as a Scav than risk losing gear by playing USEC/BEAR and will wait accordingly. I mean, it doesn't hurt me personally, but hurts the player-base as a whole. Perhaps we need some additional motivation to continue playing survivor instead of Scav mode all the time. The way I see it, Scav mode exists to offer a risk-free chance to gather new gear once in a while. If everyone and their mum is trying to go Scav first thing in the morning, who is playing the Survivors against them? If you are a hard worker who loves games but has little play time, what seems the better option? Scav mode or survivor-loses-it-all mode? I'd say Scav. I know that Scav will not always be an option, but before it's added as a feature, I really want a secondary motivation of some kind to exist for Survivors to actually play. If a Scav becomes just another target to the AI once they begin looting or attack another Scav, you are giving them free opportunity to abuse the AI for gear. Another question: If all survivors are killed by Scavs, does that Scav player immediately extract with what they looted? Or do they remain in the map to flee from Scavs as well? I can think of a ton of benefits to playing Scav when possible and avoiding playing survivor. Scav play needs more downsides or survivor needs more upsides. Maybe that's been addressed, but I'm not sure.
  14. Washington. My community has 5 other guys that play, 1 who is a filthy tea-drinker from the UK I'm down to play, just sling me an invite and I'll iron out the details to set up voice chat. I hate Discord, I'm sorry to say. Too many dogs, screaming horrendous children, and mouth breathers and people who swallow their microphones and can't use Push to Talk for my tastes
  15. I wouldn't be against kind of Lan-based system for this, or unofficial servers allowing a console command to activate 3rd Person. If having to choose between squad selfies or ruining a game though, we both know where I sit