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  1. HK did never ever produced them (XM8, X marks a prototype version) in an industrial serial manner. They never made it from Prototype to serial production because the Heat tests were unsatisfying as far as i know. Its not just because no one wants them Why that Malaysian guy holding one? I don t know, i can imagine its 1 for show 2 just because it was leftover and they don t swim in funds i can imagine Its basically a G36 inside, tho they messed up some major design aspects. I guess it can do its job and its good enough for those guys but not good enough for SOCOM standards. However they did very well with goin for HK416, HK417 and all sidekicks from those systems.
  2. Es ist leider auffällig das in den letzen 2 Tagen die Konnektivitätsprobleme bezüglich EU Spieler stark angezogen haben. Zumindest weiß ich es sicher von EU Spielern. Ich habe die Verumutung das da bezüglich CBT rumgeschraubt wird. Weiß der Geier, bist auf jeden Fall nicht alleine 8/10 Raids sind teilweise mit heftigstem Desync befallen.... Da hilft nur abwarten und Bier trinken. Prost.
  3. are you serious?
  4. Yeah, only real man code in unity !
  5. I only play solo for now and yes I get wrecked by groups but I also wreck them and it feels good, however factory is a cluster duck either way, maybe you should limit the group size for factory, but other than that deal with it or look for a group by yourself.
  6. Best case scenario we get it 24.7. 25.7. . Worst case we get it on 31.5. Chill out guys and have a beer.
  7. To the guy who stole my condensed milk, i will get you bro!
  8. Thank you, my brain can digest it much better now . Sounds interesting, and you level it by pointshooting the poo out of the factorians..... however i can definitely seeing it combined with weapon mastering, rewarding your love and grind for the ak and such. There are parts which have a + effect on Ergonomics and - effect on recoil, i think thats the main reason. Quote from @ShiroTenshi : Ergonomics, as far s EFT in-game parameters go, is meant to affect things like sway, maneuverability, and recoil recovery. The DEVs stated this during one of the 2016 twitch streams. Not sure how much of it is actually implemented, as in my own tests 2 patches back i did not notice a difference from a skeleton AK and a fully modded AK fit for most ergonomics.
  9. from my understanding the pointshooting is simulated while you shooting not aiming down your sight. People consider it as hip firing most of the time. I feel like the higher the ergonomics values on your gun the faster you get the sight picture up, maybe also influenced by weight and armor. Try for yourself
  10. We already got weapon mastering in the game, which effects reload and recoil control as far as i know. I think the whole debate is interesting but i guess if you say A you gotta say B and thats may not worth the effort and time spend. Because what happens if your backpack is full and the weight is pulling your shoulders and arms back... is the C grip then still a good way to go or should it drain your stamina quicker and you may forced to change grip?! It might work, it might be wasted programming time. Whats way more urgent in the regard of movement and gun control are the pointshooting mechanics, which are basicly awesome but it needs some refinement, (noscoping madman with the DVL on factory) also the movement overall. I like the stances and such but there needs to be more jumping and falling penality. It just needs to be a little more restricted imo. Running and Gunning works too good by now. I could go on but i m pretty sure the devs are aware of it and they will satisfy our needs. Yet one of the best CQC mechanics ever seen in a video game are from RainbowSix Ravenshield and that game is becoming a dinosaur by now. Try to noscope there...
  11. Nice resume ! Back to topic: i asked Dr. youtube about this
  12. sry out of upvotes, i come back later
  13. while i know the 9mm isn t the most powerful cartridge, the MP5SD does exactly that. And btw these Call of Dutysations are not cool and doesn t help any1 in a supposed constructive mature discussion
  14. Bin zwar ne solowurst aber ich schau auf jeden Fall mal rein. Ahoi
  15. 29, Germany