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  1. Well there is a reason why they called squad automatic weapon. so nothing for the lone wolf's but in a good organized fireteam... holy cow. I think you should have some noticeable penaltis while using, so running n gunning, spraying n praying are less effective. And they should be expensive af. so even if I Don t wanna use them I should have a great benefit of killing someone with a MG or lmg. Alternative weapons are basiclly modified ARs, well we already got a great modding system. So yes, bring em in
  2. while i like your idea, i think the OP talked about Raids the community could create and not literally a map for navigation
  3. RIP FPS ! all good , great stuff
  4. Deeskalation sieht anders aus.....
  5. factory, poobox. not even a second i guess lol. once i was on the giving side aswell. walked through the tunnel and the guy spawned directly infront of me. poobox....
  6. Du kannst deine AK auch modden bis du umfällst, du brauchst nur die entsprechend teile. Es gibt massenhaft Teile auf dem Markt für AKs weil die Dinger einfach funktionieren und somit von Sicherheitsfirmen sehr geschätzt werden. EDIT: ja der Schalldämpfer.... man hat ihn auf Waffen im Spiel gefunden ebenso wie den UGL oder Presseaccounts hatten soweit ich weiß auch welche ansonsten einfach gedulden
  7. He isn t online atm.... still great move form your side, keep it up!
  8. I will gift it to my canadian friend, he isn t sure to buy it yet.
  9. well i won t consider myself as new to the game and i got the worst spawn kill ever, i spawned and got insta shotgun fired in factory down there in the tunnels with the breachable only door. i just layed down my banana and then the raid ended with 2-3 seconds. fastest raid ever. i guess i really spawned late into the raid and maybe it did load too late and so on, however my tips.... - Don t eat bananas while playing EFT - Don t take things too seriously, its alpha, many things are subject to change and/or are getting worked on and i guess we all get our progresses wiped a few times before it really matters - Have fun
  10. came here for the woman

    1. AHSGMA


      There you go!

  11. pusher sells EOTech holosights when he is level 3
  12. NATO uses metric system, 5.56 x 45 mm or 7.62 x 51 mm are the calibers of the SCARs. Its even mentioned on the official FN site... so you maybe try to give me a heads up about the origin of the 7.62mm. Sorry buddy i don t quite get it. Best Regards EDIT : on 2nd thought its obvious you wanted to give me a heads up, well i live in germany so its metric all the way. Caught me off guard
  13. bwaahahaha i love how this turned into absolute gunporn .
  14. - Trijicon - Trijicon ACOG models - - since we already got some commonly used sights in EFT, one thing which is missing for me is a magnifier for the EOTech or other reflex sights - Schmidt & Bender - PM II Shortdot variants - Best Regards
  15. - FN - SCAR (MK) 16/17, Five-Seven, FNX -45 Tactical - - I would love to shoot the SCAR 17 in real life, i can t tell from own expierences but the SCAR series is one of the best modular assault rifles, especially the 7.62mm version aaaand since i live in germany of course i would like to see some H&K - H&K - Mark 23, USP (or more modern variants), G36 series, UMP, G 28 DMR, HK416/417 - - i better stop now ..... great idea and thank you for your effort!