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  1. Hackers need dealing with

    in factory i meet ainboters and god pmcs,they really dont wanna die,reporting them is not the solution i guess cuz evryone will report anyone who killed him thinking he was a hacker,one thing they have to do is to not let anyone abel to change his in game name 8(only if he resets the hole account)and lets hole they keep updating the cheating engine......
  2. Chiappa Rhino

    That has got to be the ugliest revolver ever. I wouldn't want to be seen dead with it.
  3. Official Trading Thread

    i m looking for 3 flash drivers,name yr price
  4. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    @Straafe U are the cheaters lawyer i guess
  5. Return of Super Scavs???

    killed 4 players in costoms and got one shoted by a pm scav from 20 meters althought i was wearing a helmet,was he an ex spectnaz or wat
  6. Face Camo ?

    LOL i got u yep
  7. Face Camo ?

    would be nice if the devs add this feature,making us abel to draw or put camo on our pmcs or scavs
  8. where do I report hackers?

    devs dont accept reports at the moment,they are banning hatchrs in waves so just hope yr hucker gets his karma
  9. BEAR vs USEC lore

    the USEC looks russian and the Bear looks more euro/american,tell me if i m wrong LOL
  10. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    will they see this in the luncher? LOL
  11. Raging Bear

    i would like to understand what my bear is saying in russian when he is raging and yelling,i enjoy this raging part even more when the Usec responds LOL
  12. Escape from Tarkov conquering Mt. Elbrus!

    snow confirmed ;)?
  13. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    last time my scav friend throught the mini nuke F1 and he got him self killed but i got out with this LOL
  14. Can u fix this ?

    yep and the duffel Bagpack through the Paca and so on
  15. Can u fix this ?

    i know u care about details this is why i m postin this.i dont know if its the same issue for the usecs when they wear this