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  1. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    me after using this scope on the USECs
  2. Quest Mega Thread

    i m stuck here,i kill the 25 scavs in less then 1 hour i extract and i have to do it again ? IS IT KINDA BUGED OR WAT
  3. It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday
  4. how about one bandage can be used 2-3 times atleast ? we need this
  5. Im using more Bandages then bullets after the last patch,my EOD grizlly didnt even last for 1 run what is going on ? should i take an ambulance with me next run ?
  6. 45 round ak mag

    acctually its an RPK magazine my friend
  7. Name this :*

    so clearly thats not the Baskak stock my friend
  8. Name this :*

    and can u put in on the M4? no u cant so its not that one
  9. Name this :*

    i dont think so
  10. Traders - save custom built weapons for repeating purchase

    are u this lazy lol
  11. Saiga 12K

    they are full auto,but not in EFT,they have to change this
  12. Name this :*

    do we have this already in the game ?
  13. Should i repair it !!!

    100 procent repaired ? lol where do u live men ? this is not true yep jamming is already in the game but kinda bugged,my vss fired like 3 shots then jammed and my pmc tryed to charge it with some kinda new annimation then it went bugged and i couldnt even change the weapon maybe u bought that from me too LOL sorry men
  14. Saiga 12K

    can someone explain me why does the saiga not have a fire select switch ? it does fire full auto too halllooo ?