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  1. Hopefully we will be able to tell somehow if the AI are friendly or they just shoot as fast as they see u. Hopefully soon we will be able to help the devs find bug / the stuff that not working right Spam refreshing my gmail for the alpha invite all day all night CANT WAIT !!!!
  2. wait wat malmoö me to
  3. You sir hit the nail right on the head.
  4. Ok nice. Is there more space in the EOD container ? Thanks for all your help
  5. U still got the link to that post ?
  6. Hi In wat way is the secured container Unique if u have the edge of darkness perorder?
  7. Sorry np Translation Nice you going to play in both alpha and beta
  8. Hej 23 year old Swed with good english skill here, But my typing skill has a -10 skill from my dyslexia. Got the edge of darkness limited edition will play from alpha till the end of my days.
  9. Hej! I am a swed and looking for other sweds to play with i will play in alpha / beta and till the end off time.