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  1. Troll? Scheint mir so ... aber falls nicht: Die Grundbasis ist ... noch immer die Grundbasis, es ist noch Alpha, Bots stehen auf "insane". Allerdings ist Aussage, dass das Game Crap wäre recht ... kleingeistig, nur weil du keinen Erfolg hast, wo die Mehrheit sogar schon "zu viel" Erfolg hat. Das Wasserzeichen ist genau an dem Tag mit dem Update gegangen. Zu deinen Fragen: Kannst du nicht, kannst du höchstens privat verticken. Steht aber in den Sachen die du angeklickt hast als "hab ich gelesen und verstanden" Gerne, sehr Gerne. Mehr Infos sind mir persönlich immer willkommen. Ich ärgere mich ohnehin schon immer wieder, dass ich kein russisch kann hier im Forum. Mich würde das sehr interessieren.
  2. The Scavs are not the ones that trying to escape afaik. There is still the storyline that you'll need to play with your PMC char plus the clan feature. ;-)
  3. I am not upset because of your suggestion, i am upset because of the way of the trolls. Totally no offense to you sir. If you point it out that way, it makes sense again. (But they could not add this reasons.) On the other hand, this is Tarkov, a russian City with a lot of economy, not some middle eastern town where they prepared for war. The Scavs got most of their Weaponry off the dead anyway. They loot the battlefields. You could maybe find a few from time to time in random locations with a not that bad weapon instead of the superguns you can find now, that are more like gold bars. I still think the Scav mode is a good feature. I would even go further with this. They could even add a chance or a button or the option to get in the game as scav where you have been killed like 2 minutes before. Could even cost money. So you basically send your loyal servant to retrieve your gear. I think and i hope not. Because THAT would make it unfair.
  4. Jeah ... thats still an explanation "how" it makes sense, but we already did ... we explained why and how it makes sense for us, since it made totally sense how it works, if you oversaw the bigger picture of the actual game itself and the backstory together with planned features. And you said "no!" ... whos argument is invalid here?
  5. Every single post you made on this forum is something where you argue about the game being bad. And half of it is based on false information. Well ... i won't answer anymore to trolls.
  6. Meh ... i am so hyped. But keep up the good progress @Devs.
  7. As Scav you can spawn at random time, random location with random gear. That has been said in the interview i think. Also It is written down in the opening post of this topic. "Equipment, weapons, place and time of Scav spawning on location are set randomly." Actual and real questions are never stupid.
  8. Broken feature? How is it broken when it is not even in yet? wtf? All your posts are trollposts it seems. You do not even own an preorder version. I will say something to this anyway. No. Naked Spawns are not the way. you spawn naked - someone shoots you - your char has to stay in the hospital for like 6 hours? Did you guys even read about the other systems? Those are like small gears that grip into each other. And you come along and demand yet another bullsh**y battle royale system. This makes me really angry to meet people that are defending an opinion, that is already declared wrong and they still rabble. The Idea of leaving loaded guns and maybe a vest + some mags with it is the concept of a battle royale like playerunknowns battlegrounds, h1z1 and all those other games. EFT is not going the way of a battle royal game. Who the actual F*** would leave loaded guns behind in such a scenario ... Nobody. Even in real combat situations and war scenarios you disarm enemies. Soldiers clear the Battlefield behind them, not prepare it for some guys that run around with knifes. If you want to get your hands onto a gun when spawning with a knife you have to earn it. The Naked spawns is something they want to prevent from happening. This is why there is scav mode, and this is why you get 20k roubles if your total stashs worth drops below 20k . Do you understand the difference? What are those issues you guys talking about anyway? I see no issues. Please explain us what issues you mean instead of trolling.
  9. It makes sense. Your PMC is trying to escape and scav mode makes it harder to escape for PMC chars. It adds even more hardcore. I wont explain again how - cause you would try to use anything i am saying against me and others anyway. If you have to ask why to have several chars, you still did not get the concept of the game itself. And no, i won't explain that either. Who said the POINT is to escape? It could maybe like in stalker ... get to the monolith - get brainwashed and start again with no memory. (aye i just spoiled stalker) Nobody escapes from tarkov, everbody tries but noone can. it COULD be like that. If you do not find any argument in the system itself ... How about you try it out when it hits the game? Maybe you'll find something useful then ... since you seem to be totally resistent against anything that we are trying to explain. I explained a lot, others explained a lot, so if you still do not get the point i guess you just do not WANT to understand. Scav mode does not harm the game in neither way. It is a great addition and you seem to be the only one that thinks it would break the gameplay. Why should there be corpses all over the map when there was no battle yet? What negative side effect? There are already weapons and other stuff on the map ... this is not "yet another stupid battle royal game" even it some youtubers and streamers think so. I do not understand your problem and i do not see how it would harm the game in any way. Did you even play the game yet or saw something aside from press kit youtubers?
  10. Where to start ... 1. Scav mode was always a planned feature afaik. 2. At the moment, players run into the factory f.e. and count dead other players - leaving AI (that is easy to trick). With players able to join in a late wave, the whole gameplay changes. You need to watch out way more. And that is an awesome feature in my opinion. 3. the naked spawn will change, if you followed other plans about the medical system f.e. they are eradicating hatchet runners. You got the chance to spawn in as SCAV once an hour or so. While your scav will always be a noob char - your PMC gets skilled by the skill system. And when the medical system kicks in, your wounds will stay and heal over time, if you do not spend gear, money or other stuff to heal quicker. So while your PMC is wrecked - you can do a scav run and also gather some gear, some new informations about some stuff of the game and so on ... Where is this useless and what do you know about the concept that they don't know? This is a great feature.
  11. Die Entwickler haben auf der GDC gesagt, dass sie die closed Beta anfang Sommer irgendwann starten wollen, können das aber nicht fest sagen. Open Beta wäre ende Sommer dann, wenns denn klappt.
  12. I hope not ... Since you could spawn in late anyways where maybe one last player is actually leaving right now the only thing is the crates and dead bodies. that may have also been looted to crap already. Then the "restriction of playing as scav" kicks in where we do not know yet what that would be. I am sure they did already think about this, but i hope they did not think about "not looting crates as scav" or such stuff ... More some restrictions maybe per "mission". Speaking of missions ... any news about those?
  13. Hallo Leute, ich hab mal geschaut und gesehen, dass es offenbar keinen deutschen "Suggestions-Thread" (Vorschläge/Wünsche) gibt bisher. Da ja nicht alle des englischen mächtig sind wäre sowas aber vielleicht nicht übel. Was hier ankommt kann man dann im englischen Thread posten, aber die Sprachbarriere sollte fallen, genau dafür wurde doch eine deutschsprachige Sektion eingerichtet oder etwa nicht? Gleichzeitig kann man vielleicht auch Leuten helfen und bereits geplante Spielfeatures kommunizieren die manchen noch nicht bekannt waren, aus mancher Rumspinnerei kann eben auch mal eine super Idee entstehen. Hauptsache man vergisst sie nicht wieder. Falls ich den Thread beispielsweise mangels deutscher Kreativität allerdings nur übersehen haben sollte, kann mich jedweder Moderator oder auch jedes normale Forenmitglied einfach darauf aufmerksam machen. (wenn möglich mit Link) Also: Was könnt ihr euch noch vorstellen, was das Spiel neben den bereits geplanten Features verbessern würde? Was stellt ihr euch vor wie das Spiel für euch mit euren Freunden laufen würde, manchmal kommen durch solche Überlegungen gute Ideen. Haut in die Tasten ihr Dichter und Denker.
  14. Thanks for the answer guys. This stuff might prevent players from playing the knife hatchling. Thats totally a cool feature.