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  1. Thanks a ton. Going to start streaming EFT again took a little break playing quake and what not.
  2. Thanks to everyone whom watched. Giveaway has ended, but a new one begins. Hope to see all on the battlefield.
  3. Nice dude thanks!
  4. I really like arena shooters. Been playing quake champions a lot, but so far my favorite new arena shooter will be lawbreakers when it comes out. I like hardcore shooters as well. I was an old arma player with the massive TVT and coop events. I do play battlegrounds, but waiting for some more patches to stabilize it. Currently EFT will be my main game for awhile. There is really no other game like it. The sanctification is awesome
  5. Hey Everyone, I am starting to try and grow my channel at I will be giving away the Standard edition of the Game Monday May 8th. Just have to watch my stream to gather up points to redeem for a ticket. I will also be giving away another Standard Edition of the game within another Week or since BSG is giving 20% for all editions starting this Monday. Hope to see everyone soon. Thanks
  6. Emissary permission? You just need to verify you have alpha thats its.
  7. Agree. I have been trying to get up there streaming this game spreading some knowledge I think this game will cater to the hardcore arma community if anything.
  8. It hasn't been a month since since scav. Usually we get monthly patches right? nevermind it has. I hope soon we get a new map. Would be delightful.
  9. EKWB Custom loop with hard tubing CPU: 4790k 4.7GHZ GPU: EVGA GTX1080 superclocked 16GBs DDR3 HyperX z97x Gigabyte MOBO.
  10. Hey Frantic.

    Can I get on discord channel