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  1. Quest Mega Thread

    Thats the one. You just gotta find the right key.
  2. Quest Mega Thread

    Check out new thread I just posted for a breakdown of steps.
  3. Quest Mega Thread

    Me and @TStod managed to finish the Golden Swag quest from Skier. Here is a breakdown of the steps. 1. Kill Factory scavs to find 303 key. 2. Open room 303 in dorms to find golden zippo. 3. Find the "new" cabin key (same skin and name as old cabin key, but different use). I believe it can spawn in any key spawn throughout Customs, but not sure. Otherwise, it is confirmed to spawn on floor inside of warehouse next to checkpoint. If you need to examine the key (given you've already examined the original cabin key), you will know if it's the correct one. 4. Open the metal shack at the trailer lot in Customs spawn area with the key and place the zippo. DONE (it is impossible to figure this out from the description of the quest)
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    not guaranteed spawn
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    small room with a table and some random trash on the floor. By the blue tarp.
  6. Quest Mega Thread

    Yes that's the one. (I'm the guy that found the new cabin key). It can spawn on the floor in there. Same spot where M4 spawns.
  7. Quest Mega Thread

    I've spent all day killing scavs and haven't found it...
  8. Quest Mega Thread

    Are you kidding? Can you screenshot?
  9. Quest Mega Thread

    Has anyone figured out Skier's "Golden Swag" quest. So confusing can't figure it out.
  10. Game update

    Look at the forums before posting a thread like this. Maybe your questions will be answered. (you really dont have to look that hard)
  11. Super rare TK glitch?

    It's a known bug in the game where is says you were killed by a player in the game that you were not killed by (usually one in your group). You did not actually get killed by your team mate, it just said you did.
  12. Go ahead and compare Unity to UE4 all you want. But you can't compare Tarkov to PUBG. Tarkov has more details and quirks than any game out there, especially PUBG (which is in beta, not alpha by the way). The crazy detail the developers put in to the gun mechanics and models, the maps, the AI (a very very big deal. The AI in this game are beyond complex), and the core game mechanics are unlike any other game. Just think about how much time and how many lines of code go in to the unique features EFT has to offer. You probably don't know much about these features as you haven't spent much time in game, but they are there. You can literally look down the barrel of a gun and see the bullet in the chamber. When you shoot a bullet, your character literally pulls the trigger and tiny, unseen parts in the gun actually move and function as if it was real life. PUBG doesn't have that my friend. As good as PUBG is (I've been playing since the first beta weekend)... its simple. Tarkov is complex. They are completely different games with completely different player bases. And the AI, as I said before, is BEYOND complex. You most likely have had only bullshit AI encounters as you run around with a hatchet. But when you actually get real gameplay, you will see. The game mechanics I mentioned are only a few out of hundreds of unique features that EFT has to offer. PUBG is NOTHING like Tarkov my friend. NOTHING like it.
  13. I don't think tarkov is the "best game ever made... ever...". And you cant compare PUBG to Tarkov in anyway. Tarkov is pretty much in alpha. The tag the developers are throwing on it, calling it beta, its not correct. As far as I'm concerned, Tarkov is in alpha, and the current game is not even close to a solid representation of what the final product will be like. Stop hating so much. If you feel so negative towards this game then get tf off of the forums.
  14. There is over 500 members currently online on the forums... Right now, online on the forums there is over 500 people (a super duper small percentage of all registered users). There is over 530,000 posts on the forums. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a little more than 200 people... I'm actually speechless this is hilarious. I mean... you said CSGO looks better than tarkov. HAHAHA Edit: There is over 100,000 registered forum members. 200 and 100,000 are very far apart my friend.
  15. I have EOD and have been playing since February... I have over 500 hours on the game. I've played every battlefield game, I'm a huge Miscreated fan. I've played every Crysis game. I still believe this game has better graphics than all of those games other than Battlefield 4 and 1. Regardless, these are just personal opinions. My point is... stop bashing on a game in early development with a low budget. If you're going to be critical, at least give some constructive criticism that can help the devs. Its no secret that the devs should have chose another engine. Nevertheless, the graphics in the game right now and the detail put in to the maps and weapons is stunning.