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  1. The part about having fixed the scav line of sight issue, shooting trough brush and all is a LIE.. 3 times i have been shot trough trees on woods, when it happens you can even see the bullet holes forming in the treetrunk in front of you, and i just had a customs run, made no noice by dorms and got wacked trough bushes and poo :), even though other players had fired shots ind the dorms area merly seconds before.
  2. update?

    I get server connection lost all the time and cant leave the raid again it just goes in to a vicius circle..
  3. Killed befor loading in.

    Hi just had the greatest experience ever... while on the waiting for server resonse screen i got killed, could hear the guy walk up to me and shoot me, great just great.....
  4. Killing an other Scav-Player

    Hi just got out of a scav "run" with 2 frineds. my mates spwaned faster that me on woods. 1 got poped by another scav player, after 2 sec only and so did i when i finaly got in, the last mate got 10 sec and then he was shot down again by a player playing as scav. The fun of the game will die rather quickly if nothing is done to address this issue...