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  1. Extremely Dramatic Footage

    So good! Great imagination to put it together & the music certainly adds to the intensity, the drama of the encounter!!! Well done!!!
  2. Maybe dehydration shouldn't be insta death?

    I like the dehydration mechanic the way it is for the following reasons: I figure the slow decrease in the hydration level is a fair, in-game representation; The current mechanic forces you to plan before entering into a raid. To either carry re-hydrating stuff, or to ensure that your character looks for and uses it; If injured in raid, then there is a much faster dehydration rate, again, I think this is also a fair, in-game representation and forces you to focus on securing re-hydrating stuff. All-in-all, the current mechanic simply, imo, adds to the game's intensity! RedAnne, to your point of not being thirsty after surgery; that is probably because you were on a saline drip

    I am having a blast playing the quests; however, everyone of them can be completed solo. In fact, IMO, all rewards promote solo completion of every quest. Just wondering whether there is a move afoot to create quests that promote squad play where every member of said squad is rewarded for successful completion of a task? For example, a quest/task might be, all members must extract. Very simple, but not necessarily easy. Comments and thoughts are welcome!
  4. Older Aged Players Alliance

    OMG!!!!! Double-door mass exit!!!!!! LMAO!!!! Did my first night jump like that! Fully equipped & as the only officer on board, I was No. 1!!!!
  5. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Hmmmm, JAGUAR1950, you're either a 67 year old engineer (Ubique) with military experience (a UK Guards regiment?) OR, a 1950 Jag is your dream car! LOL! The old Age Gamers' Alliance is a great idea! How is it working out??
  6. Skier - Golden Swag Bugged

    Ran again several times and was able to pick up the golden lighter each time; unfortunately for me, today the Scav's seem to be invulnerable!! Thus I haven't been able to extract and complete the task ... oh well, I'll try again another day - lol!
  7. Skier - Golden Swag Bugged

    Just ran the raid and had the same problem. Arrived at and unlocked 303; saw the golden lighter, picked it up (EFT acknowledged this fact in the lower right hand corner of my screen); returned to and unlocked the correct trailer and placed the lighter (again, EFT acknowledged this fact in the lower right hand corner of my screen). BUT then experienced a glitch whereby my weapon remained in a strange position where I could not fire nor change weapons (nor anything else for that matter). Thus ended the raid. Will run again and extract without going back to place it and add further comment then.
  8. Come on who was it?

    MrPlayDoh, even though we can't see your face (or your characters), WTF is written over every move you make ... looking up every 5 seconds to see if it's all real!!! Too funny!!! TAW folks have been giving stuff away for months! Not just because of a wipe.....
  9. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    LMAO!!!!! I guess we have another spawn point to add to the list!!!!
  10. The Hideout announcement

    What a cool surprise!!!! Gotta like it!
  11. The Shoreline Location

  12. Hello, what's yours?

    Younger than me! LOL!
  13. Preparations for the next update release

    Well said mon ami!
  14. How old are you?

    lmao!!!! Have a read through the forums, 2 of us are over 60!
  15. How old are you?

    62 Western Canada (BC)