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  1. You should always have the ability to affect it negatively or positively; I've seen no mention of karma ever getting "locked" in one way or another. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Hello everyone! With the upcoming US Escort Event taking place June 1st, I was wanting to hand out some keys for the Alpha version* of the game. I will be donating the keys to @Kleanuppguy who will be streaming during the event. There will be 5 keys available to win during the live stream, so make sure to watch for a chance to win a key. Enjoy the event! *Please note: These keys are only active for the duration of Alpha, they will expire once Beta starts.
  3. This is beautiful man, was this freehand? Digital? Would love to know how you did it.
  4. Sorry, I remember Devs saying something about characters will slowly heal while outside of a raid. So, say you're in a raid and you get a broken leg, and you don't heal it throughout the raid, you leave. Your PMC won't magically be at full health and hydration again, in full release they plan to have your character "Recover" while out of raids is how I understood it. Hope that makes sense. P.S - Was more asking for a confirmation on if we will have a total of 3 PMC's come release, not more info on Scavs as I know that will come in time
  5. I'm not going to bother quoting all the replies in this thread, I'll simply lay out what my thoughts are and if people want to read it then so be it. Alright, so one of the first things I read was more about WHY is scav mode useful? WHY is it in the game? For a couple reasons, and possibly more we don't know about since the information hasn't been disclosed in full. One of the main points being they're part of the lore. Why would I want to play as a Scav? Because it gives me an alternative to playing my PMC with no real "Loss" felt when I die, a lot of people here are complaining that Scav mode will be abused because there's no real Risk in it, and yet others complain(Not in this thread, I know that) that earning gear is too difficult and they have a hard time keeping gear, well then this is an option for the latter, not so much the former... UNLESS, you have other reasons to play it? Insurance System - Devs have talked about it a bit but not really divulged too much information. Back when Insurance system was first discussed, the devs noticed an issue, people could commit in-game insurance Fraud. Insure a weapon, take it in, drop it to a friend then die. Now, your friend has the weapon and you claim your insurance. Devs then suggested they might look into having it so that if you insure a weapon and it's not Looted then you'd get it back. Maybe they will add a way for Scavs to have the option to 'return' a gun to a PMC that they've found for a reward through the Traders. 'What reward would be better than a weapon?' you might ask, well, that we don't know for certain because we're still in Alpha, and lots of details have yet to be fully revealed. I for one want to be able to change up the game play when I play as a scav, I will play out scenarios where I will befriend PMC's and help them make their escape for a possible reward from one of them (Or just making out alive with any loot I've gained while helping them) Or maybe I'll pretend to help some PMC's, in the mean time setting up an ambush point with other Scavs, trying to lure them into the trap we've set. As stated by a couple other members and I will repeat again, we will have a TOTAL OF 3 PMC'S1, not just one like we have now... And if people in this thread are still surprised by that information then I'd have to take a stab and say you haven't done your research on a product you've invested in (Although, I will admit and agree that information is VERY scattered in these forums, I've been here awhile and keep ontop of all dev replies) A second reason for having Player Scavs is so that the Scavs are always a possible threat, once you know all the PMC's are dead in raid you can pretty much do as you wish, especially if you have fort armor with a helm. Scav players will keep pressure on PMC's remaining in the area. 1 @Natalino, could you confirm this information for those still skeptical? Or correct me if I'm incorrect and it's now a Single PMC. I couldn't find a source for it being mentioned, remember it might have been part of the Tarkov Weekly interviews. Side Note; if a PMC is Injured (i.e broken leg, bleeding) or has died there will be a timer associated with how long it will take to "Heal" that information has not been disclosed. (Can you confirm this as well?)
  6. What do you mean "Currently not planned and likely never happen" ... It's in the Action Gameplay[3:55 / 4:20] video.
  7. Give this a read - https://gamerscrawl.com/2017/03/02/standouts-from-escape-from-tarkov-scav-livestream-interview/
  8. The Alpha Section of the forums is the best place - http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/51-alpha-testing-forum/ Here's what you're looking for, however:
  9. Indeed this is my worry as well, if there were a cheat that were able to make use of this 3rd person option in a first person only server then I would absolutely agree with removing it as a setting.
  10. How can you abuse a mode that gives you nothing? It's as if playing offline mode[Resets at the end of raid, nothing saves/changes], but with other people online. People won't be able to abuse is as they cannot gain anything from it.
  11. Not sure you read through the entire post but as of their current plans, 3rd person servers will not save progress (i.e - Cannot gain loot, cannot advance in Raids/Story) It'll be hosted separately compared to regular servers.. You won't be playing and enjoying the game just to come across someone using 3rd person, you'd have to specify you wanted to play on it -- Totally optional. Anyways, we're still in alpha and if it really has no interest in the community I'm sure devs would remove it.
  12. Oh I never though of using it like this... Going in-game and getting your squad together for a nice in game selfie somewhere
  13. Agree'd, I'd be happier with 3rd person completely removed.. And we're still in Alpha so it's not to say that 3rd person will stay.. As of right now, my understanding is that 3rd person servers will be more like "private lobby's" No progress will be made (Can't do the raid's in 3rd person mode, nothing saves, no gear kept..) Similar to doing Offline mode atm. So splitting the community shouldn't be too big of a problem.. I see 3rd person servers as more of a " 'Fun' TDM style" if you would.
  14. Felt I'd tag each of you, 3rd person servers will be SEPARATE from first person servers.. Seperate ruleset (Probably no save progress) as it was discussed previously across the forums. Hopes this helps clear up any confusion and worry - You won't be running into people camping corners in 3rd person while you're enjoying first person, just won't happen, not unless you join a 3rd person server.
  15. Update #1 Posted Topic has a minor update, I read through the post but most of what was said were arguments such as: For FOV Increase - To support UW monitors, to alleviate motion sickness, and to have the freedom/customization available. Against FOV Increase - To avoid any unnecessary player advantages, such as FOV over 100 giving a wide viewing angle and thus creating a margin for error on a players part[Can't tell where the Blind Spot starts/ends]. Neutral - If FOV is to increase, max at 90 - 100 FOV. Lock FOV when in a Raid/Instance.