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  1. No answer from support

    1. Was the game open when you attempted to do the Reset on your account? 2. A manual reset would be the only option at this point and being a weekend you may not receive a response as quick, I would suggest sending an e-mail to support@battlestategames.com, give them the ticket # as well.
  2. Call your Bank or Credit Card company to check if they are blocking the payment. If everything shows fine on there end, or they don't even show a payment as trying to process, contact Xsolla Chat Support.
  3. If they are blocking the payment simply call your Bank and ask about if it's being blocked. You can also contact Xsolla's Chat Support to see if they can help narrow down the issue.
  4. Meme and Fun Art

    Oh IT Crowd, what a great show.. And I hate to be that person but the proper line is "I came here to drink milk and kick ass... and I've just finished my milk.." Love the use of the condensed milk though! Too many great quotes from that show.
  5. question

    Just to let you know, it doesn't matter if he doesn't play on EU, you can still create a group and join. The only difference is who ever the Party Leader is, you join their preferred server.
  6. question

    Simple answer: Yes, everything resets, quest progress, everything. There will be more wipe(s) between now and release. You can buy one back from Fence if someone has sold one to him
  7. I didn't read all of the replies, but one thing people forget to consider once the game is fully released is that there will be more maps for people to explore, you may not see as many heavily geared players in the smaller / earlier maps, not to mention there will be the Free-Roam version of the map that I'm sure will interest the high-geared players. There will also be player-made auctions and the ability to trade between players so you might be able to pick up gear cheaper than the traders. Also, it's always recommended to be in a group, more people to watch over you while you complete a quests, I understand it's made difficult with no in game VoIP atm, but it will come.
  8. Delivery from the past bug

    I ran a factory match after picking up this quest, I did not even do the first two steps but it finished off the last step of Surviving and Exiting, you should be able to run another one and escape for it to update. I would still report the bug so devs may look into it.
  9. Chat Always Toxic?

    @bingeboy I see Natalino's alread answered your question, the only thing I'd like to add is that if you ever come across toxic players is do your best to avoid being pulled into their negativity. If you pose a question and you get troll responses you can try to change channels and ask again, or simply wait a little bit and ask again if there's no response. VoIP is planned to be implemented and integrated into the Radio Communication that they plan to add in the future as well. (Source: GamesCom 2017). Hope this helps
  10. Fake Players without Names

    This is simply my speculation but: First and foremost I feel like as stated by other users it's simply a bug. The "Death Screen" doesn't always seem to show reliable information. I've died a few times where I haven't attacked another player and yet it said I killed a player, or as above it will state the wrong name. They are likely just back-end issues, we must all do our part and report any issues, even as small as these, using the correct tools provided to us. If you feel you've encountered a bug, please ensure you report it and give as much information as possible.
  11. Please consider reducing AI difficulty.

    Yes, I definitely think AI are in a Very good place right now. Obviously over time they'll be tweaked but they are a lot more enjoyable to engage now; I definitely like that they don't just instantly target you because you've fired.. I had it happen twice in one raid where I got the drop on a group of scavs, less than 25m from me. I shot a burst into a group of 3 and dropped 2, the third guy ran away, he came back with a buddy who I also dropped from a headshot and he retreated again.. Attacking from different positions is vital as well, as they AI may return to the last spot you engaged them, but if you move you can catch them off guard. Their tactics are most certainly being tweaked, what we have now is a basic version of their tactics.. It was shown this *Dev Diary, before we got the improved AI, and I'm sure they'll get even better. *Where I marked in this video also shows early footage of using a ladder, although it's only shown in the engine and not actual gameplay, I forgot that they had shown it
  12. Please consider reducing AI difficulty.

    AI on offline mode act very differently compared to the bots online. I haven't played offline in awhile but from what I gathered before the AI seemed to react a lot faster offline vs online. They also may not utilize the newer tactics that bots use online (With ambushing, position changes, etc)
  13. all items in pmc inventory dissapearing

    Best piece of advice is to take screenshots when you see the error, and create a support ticket regarding the issue. The game is currently in Beta Stages and bugs are common, but devs will not replace lost gear due to a bug. Unfortunately that is part of bug testing and the best way to avoid it in the future is to document and report the issue so the devs can look into a resolution.
  14. Upgrade stash?

    Yes, in the future there will be ways to increase your stash size.
  15. Hello! I know this is short notice but @necuja, @Olloch I are doing some EFT runs and he is live streaming as we do, he is wanting to do a give away for a couple of 7-day Beta Trial keys for EFT. You can view his live stream here and get a chance to win a key! Best of luck!