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  1. "DX11 is the next stage. Builds with Vulkan API crash too often. Interface scaling will be in this patch."
  2. Iirc, they spoke about it in a Russian stream. There is a translation somewhere here on the forum.
  3. They said they have vulkan builds which are constantly crashing, so they decided to go with DX11
  4. Do the devs plan to unveil something at E3?
  5. Many of you don't seem to understand how much work it is to upgrade the whole game to a new engine version. That's probably what's taking them so long currently. And we don't even know what and how much we will get with the CBT update. But as this is the next major step in public awareness, I assume it will be a lot. Hopefully we will hear something about the next patch (which I assume to be the CBT according to what they are saying) during E3...
  6. I am trying to create a series in which the community shares and discuss different parts of the game, starting today with the currently available foregrips. What are your experiences/opinions on foregrips?
  7. If they make the AK12, please the 2016 iteration and not this outdated one...