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  1. Download speed is slow.

    Have you made sure there is an exception to your firewall.
  2. Download speed is slow.

    Some people use a VPN to download. Maybe worth a try. Getting 200mbs from UK. Try a restart of router.
  3. Using Unity Machine Learning Agents

    Seems an interesting idea.
  4. On results of the New Year Event

    Glad there was some good info to be gained from the test.
  5. =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    Happy New Year to all Tarkov players.
  6. Very nice work would love a English version if you have the time.
  7. People Are Needed

    As stated above please look in the Clan section of forum. http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/40-clans/
  8. New Year Event starts tomorrow at 15:00 MSK

    Going to be fun
  9. Newbie "A" team

    Please stick to only one clan post.
  10. Question on extra keys

    Should find all the answers you want here:-
  11. New Gear to come in future!

    Sweet. Could do with a BEAR hat IRL.
  12. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Great job. Hype Train Coming Through.
  13. Best way to uninstall for reinstall

    yes launcher install location and game file location. Then restart PC and do a fresh install.