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  1. They just tweeted pre beta patch notes will be posted tonight at some point
  2. There is a server side update today.
  3. Use Windows task manager to close Tarkov. Then reconnect. I has to do it last night on woods when body disconnected from legs. On game restart I reconnect and all was good again. Alt f4 don't let me reconnect. Hope this helps
  4. Hoping for SLi support so can use V-Sync to a 144Hz monitor
  5. have 2x 1080 with custom cooling loop and cpu and mobo also water cooled
  6. Hi all Would any one know if Multi GPU will be supported from Beta or final release or not at all?
  7. maybe they could have an online store like Contract wars has http://store.contractwarsgame.com/ but make it international and not just RU only
  8. Other Popular Question section answers your question. Q: Does the use of Sweetfx get a player banned? I would like to use it for tweak of the game look and mood of it on my liking. This is also allowed in other games. What is the stance of BSG on this? A: No, SweetFX will not be detected and flagged as a cheat by our anti-cheat system. We are constantly making improvements to help catch and ban any player who wishes to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Hope this answers your question.
  9. Factory is good for when play time is short. When I have more time I play Customs and Woods.
  10. Great news Hammer Time
  11. Awesome!!!! Also looking forward to the upcoming carnage as people go mad before the character wipe =D
  12. Looking forward to having objectives in game
  13. Thought I would add a recruitment video =)
  14. looks like we will be hunting a lot more keys now as well