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  1. Think you lot might be right about the how bulky it is but I would like to see L86A2 in game as fits better with the play style.
  2. Thought I would add a recruitment video =)
  3. looks like we will be hunting a lot more keys now as well
  4. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun
  5. Welcome along. Happy Hunting.
  6. OBS Studio for me
  7. Always looking for more mature players for team play and banter.
  8. Jump in TS3 any time m8
  9. Think woods now has more action than customs, Have really enjoyed Loosing and beating other 3/4 man teams over the last week or so.
  10. Finally got round to adding the GPUs into the cooling loop and adding a extra 4TB HDD for film and poo. ASUS X-99 Deluxe - under water 5930k@4Gz - under water STRIX 1080 Sli - under water 32Gb HyperX DDR4 4x 500Gb SSD M.2 500Gb 2x 2TB HDD Raid 0 1x 4TB HDD
  11. Should be posting this in the clan section and not here.
  12. Hi! United World Gamers =UwG= is looking for active gamers within Escape from Tarkov community. We are a world wide gaming community with members all over the place, so it doesn't matter if it's day or night for you locally there's someone on Teamspeak you can chat and game with. Other than EFT we have members playing Overwatch, Battlefields, Albion, LoL, TCGR:Wildlands. Should you be interested to join: We require our members to be 18 years old and older, be able to use teamspeak and speak english to an acceptable degree and generally be good people. Visit our website for TS information and forum with all the good stuff we are about : www.unitedworldgamers.org... We are looking forward to playin with and against you ;] Best of Luck from =UwG=
  13. Looking forward to the chaos in can cause internal scav mode
  14. Yeah I loved the round in woods I played in the rain. A thunderstorm at night would be amazing if they add that. Would make NVGs and NO NVGs an interesting choice.
  15. Great to see a pro active DEV team with a NO BS approach, well done.