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  1. Are suppressors going to be fixed?

    It was mention and talked about in kleenupguy stream. It is going to be addressed at some point.
  2. Emissary for Oceania

    Welcome along fella. New U.K. emissary here. Good to know you like some banter, cricket and rugby always good fun to be had and beer of course.
  3. Emissary from U.K.

    Thanks for the warm welcome and look forward to helping out.
  4. Emissary from U.K.

    Hello! My name is Grant, I'm 43 and I'm from the UK. I've been following Escape From Tarkov for quite some time, and decided I wanted to support the game. So went all out and invested in a few EoD copies of the game for myself and a couple of Clan competitions, that was in February and all of us are still hooked on EFT. I play and stream as often as I can, but at odd hours due to working a perm night shift 4 on 4 off. I am also a administrator for United World Gamers, and oversee the smooth running of all servers keeping them up to date. I have also been accepted as an Emissary for the United Kingdom. I hope with my military background (R.E.M.E Army) and technical knowledge, I will be of some help to making this project Great!! Hope to see you in Tarkov
  5. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    Looking forward to this
  6. Factory key spawns

    I have never found one in game (got mine from clan m8 extra) been playing since February. But I don't mind the spawn rate as it gives a lot of advantages on Factory and Customs. Look forward to the day I do find one myself. Although I think it swings in roundabouts as other saut after keys seem easy for me to find and swap doubles.
  7. No honor among scavs

    I had a great scav run on shoreline. Myself and 2 others spawned at bus yard. All did the wiggle and started to move to bunker exit. Met one more player there. Now with 4 player plus a couple of AI we defended the bunker and had a great fire fight with a full PMC team. They got the shock of there lives and we got a shed load of gear.
  8. Anyone on Customs

    Probably people just having some fun getting rid of gear and cash before reset.
  9. Nameless people

    Have asked this exact same question before. Was informed by mod it is a known bug and BSG are aware of it.
  10. Fake Players without Names

    It is a bug as I asked the same question a few weeks ago. Had a reply from chief mod and said it was a known bug.
  11. Not seen any hackers for a few weeks now. Markov scav needs some work as it is only scav that consistently head shots you but others are fine. Am sure there will be a fix for the memory leak soon.
  12. Game is lagging

    A little stutter but at least I can now do tasks in customs
  13. Game is lagging

    This helped me a lot can now play all maps again. Set mine to auto 1min and 75%
  14. ACCESS DENIED (help)

    I have same issue but works fine from the exe file
  15. instalation

    ???? this is English forum There was a server issue today that is now fixed but may have caused a few problems. try to remove all EFT files then restart PC and reinstall.