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  1. Can't wait
  2. Can't wait! We are going there tuesday.
  3. It's time to take out that good old Monopoly boardgame and do a real life offline game
  4. So, now the BETA is out there (Awesome work guys) I was wondering what is the next big thing to be hyped about? Of course, I know there are things that need tweaking, fixing, but I find it exhausting that everytime Battlestate comes out with some news or whatsoever people instantly whine and nag about stuff that needs fixing. We don't have to remind them EVERYTIME that they are developing a game that is in progress. Come on . So, that said, we had the Shoreline location to be very hyped about. And it was worth waiting! Things to look out to: - Hideout - Shoreline full map - Streets of Tarkov map - Karmasystem (I know I know) - Stuff from the dev reports? <-- where are we on this right now? Like the new animations, lock picking, voip, chat etc - New weapons - Removal of the amount of bullets left in your inventory - (..?) Let's make this a POSITIVE TOPIC
  5. Haha no worries! Have fun, please don't shoot me in the face when I'm doing a hatch run
  6. It is CTRL + Click right? Like in ARMA
  7. Still waiting for my Emissary Application response.
  8. No way! I found a Grizzly Medkit there! Keep checking it guys
  9. lol
  10. This is EXACTLY what I predicted. Cod players that shout Campers. In real life it would be a tactical move and choice to sit there and get stuff to survive. This game is all about realism. You will die more then kill someone. I played for almost half a year now and it only happend to me once, but I shot the guy because I thought about checking that corner.
  11. Mosin and a glock would be perfect
  12. You are right, never saw someone open it btw.. hmm. Can't find anything on youtube either
  13. Oh will follow this one! Want to know it also! Is this the door from the appartments in customs? The 2 level building with all the big crates in it?
  14. From Holland we want to