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  1. I was chatting with some of my friends and we talked about EFT. We wondered, how does a project like EFT starts? How does it work with budgets, funding / stakeholders? Publishers? I know after contract wars they had the experience/funding to start this awesome project. But, how does an ambitious / time consuming project like EFT keeps the water flowing, employees getting paid and how is there room for extra stuff? Like deadlines, extra ingame items (that need development time) etc. I’m just curious :).
  2. Emmisary from Greece

    Congrats m8! And I also play Airsoft a lot so Awesome!
  3. We are creating a professional short film about Tarkov

    Awesome! great idea will work this out! Thank you
  4. We are creating a professional short film about Tarkov

    Haha! Cool to hear that m8! Next video will be epic. Any suggestions?
  5. We are creating a professional short film about Tarkov

    First one is released! Next one will have some more budget!
  6. Trying to play on a 1440 monitor

    I had this problem. What is was for me, my monitor itself had a 'auto scale to frame size' option. You need to turn this off. This way the game will control your resolution. I had a fight with it when I wanted to scream. The screen kept stretching
  7. giving loot

    Hmm clever! You meen the green lootboxes?
  8. Celebrate Halloween with Escape from Tarkov

    So cool they do this. What will x-mas bring, scavs with santa hats ?
  9. Wipe coming

    Ok, is everyone excited because of the wipe, or the patch? Can someone clear that out for me?
  10. Dog tags or name patch suggestion

    Armbands are confirmed so
  11. Official Trading Thread

    I have it for you. in return, pistol case Gas Analyzers (for the therapist quest) I think 3 And dollars. How much do you offer?
  12. Official Trading Thread

    Is the factory key getting less rare? Saw a video of Kotton buying it from Fence, but also I've found all these keys.
  13. Anti-aliasing in EFT

    I think it's not that simple to just implement it. It will cause all new bugs / graphical issues.