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  1. Haha, a few days ago i looted 2 m4's with silencers and stuff. Will go blind in maps to just put them to good use.. Can't wait for the patch
  2. Q. When shooting in the shelter, does your ammo gets used up? For example: when using the shooting range. A. No or else no one will use the shooting range. Saw this on the Facebook page.
  3. So, what FPS do you get?
  4. Thanks! Hmm didn't pick it up I think. This is the 2016 report and the lockpick is almost done, and a lot of other stuff.. Maybe this will be all put in the final version I think?
  5. Just upgraded, my rig!
  6. So I was wondering, what do you guys think if they add something like wooden planks, some garbage and stuff that has actual physics en place them against the walls or on the ground? For example, when you are in factory and you hear someone near you, you are stealthy looking around the corner and maybe walk backwards a littlebit. But then you knock over a wooden plank or some junk and this creates sound.. exposing your position. What do you guys think?
  7. I see now, thank you. Now I feel something for it :). If you watch the old developer diaries you see the lmg already animated I think..
  8. I understand, but imho I think this will be the 'nah' factor of the game then. Just spray and pray stuff.. How do you see it?
  9. Why do you want that gun so bad? I think it will ruin the game
  10. So, you start up the game.exe then you see the menu I think? then you can choose Hideout, and after that you choose a map?
  11. Just buy it. Best " alpha " game ever. Had some much fun for my money.. and it's not even finished. Buy it. the bigger stash and gamma box and stuff. You will miss that when it's done and you will regret it!
  13. A Flare gun!
  14. Good question. Watched this videos yesterday again, was wondering to!
  15. Haha! Nice one. Thank you, can't wait to start!