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  1. We are creating a teaser for the video. Today we did the shoot.. here are some stills ;).
  2. Well here is a nice update. We did some location research and we found this spot. I think it's PERFECT for Tarkov. Even a gas station! And it's red! What do you guys think?
  3. Awesome response guys! We had our third brainstorm session at the office. Would love to have input from you guys. We will definitely ask input from the community! Here a cool shot from the ak, just a treat. Will update next week!
  4. Awesome. Will use this in our script! Thank you
  5. Hi there, we are CFXSquad and you guys can check us out on our samenamed youtube channel. We create shortfilms about games, and we are doing it for quite a time now. (We did it for ubisoft, ea, rebellion etc). We are sponsored by different companies and are proffesional filmmakers. We have our own office, high end equipment and besides us, a bunch of interns. We are located in The Netherlands. So. Why are we here? We LOVE tarkov. We bought the EOD edition to get a grip on the gameplay. WE love it. Right now we are sucked in the game and currently we are writing our script. We also fixed some props. Like the AK47, m4 and some Roubles. We want this to be a different project and get you guys involved. Give us tips. Key elements that you want to see in the game, or stuff we just can't ignore. So please follow, and comment! Here are the roubles
  6. Great read
  7. What does Sherpa's mean? This is interesting. We are creating a fan film about eft and this is the perfect prop list for us to get!
  8. Haha Nice
  9. Great video!
  10. Wow
  11. Awesome. This reminds me of my time in school. Being hyped so much for a game that you can only think about it. Had it back in the days of Counter-Strike 1.5
  12. More!
  13. Using it as we speak
  14. That is awesome!