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  1. Looking for player to play

    Cool, yeah just hit me up. Need to find more battle buddies. My solo runs have not been going well anymore.
  2. Looking for player to play

    Still looking for people to play with? I'm game.
  3. Post game related pic!

    My baby, I don't dare take her in a match.. currently out of roubles so its back to hatchet runs
  4. Bad Scav run :( ?

    Damn, I need to check out customs. I usually run woods in Scav mode.
  5. Woods is hot right now

  6. I was just about to ask about this, I made some videos during my time playing here waiting to upload them when the NDA was lifted... I'll just throw them in the recycle bin and start fresh.
  7. Your suggestions

    nah that is real
  8. Your suggestions

    What about a Master key attachment
  9. Is EFT wroth the pre-order?

    Nice Video! I need to show this to my friends that are not sure if they should get it yet.
  10. Your suggestions

    Any kind of Glock would be nice.

  12. How did you come across EFT?

    I was watching a DayZ video on YouTube the next video that played was a video about Escape from Tarkov.
  13. Your suggestions

    Not sure if mentioned yet. there is 75 pages to go through. But the P90 would be an awesome addition to this game as well as its pistol counter part the FN FiveSeven.
  14. How To Update Your Profile to Show Game Purchase

    I did it! also first post. long time lurker..