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  1. it's a good idea , this barter system, but it would be nice to have a choice.. I'd rather pay 400k roopies than collect garbage to trade with.. even with EOD edition of the game i'm runnin out of room to store stuff..so no room for garbage/barter goods.Would be nice to see roopie/dollar/euro options for armor.
  2. ... I would pretend to be a minority and yell about it at every step, cause people are apparently lana<-- about everything these days
  3. that'd be awesome.
  4. Game on 2nite people, so come and join us.. TS3 - unitedworldgamers.typefrag.com, 18+, be chill and just communicate.
  5. I would call upon my lord and savior Chuck Norris to kill all of my enemies and carry me out to safety
  6. we are scavin it 2nite fellers! come and say hello ..starting at about 8 or 9 GMT. video by swats73
  7. graty!
  8. '' poor internet '' or game devs not doing their jobs ?
  9. sounds gr8 indeed. gg devs
  10. If you are over 18 you are welcome to come in and team up with us.. We use TS3 - unitedworldgamers.typefrag.com
  11. Kubz. Admin of United World Gamers ( gaming community est. 2003).28 Male. Studying Game Design in college, also worked and working on projects in Construct2 and Unity. THIS GAME IS BLOODY EPIC even tho it's early access ! pop in and say hello if u r over 18 ... ts- unitedworldgamers.typefrag.com... always happy to team up .. Have fun and 'wiggle' if u mean 'blade runners' no harm...